• Basically you ban the person that posted above
    you for what ever reason.
    Username, Avatar, Location or what ever you can think of

    Someone start this off by banning me for what ever reason.
  • Wouldn't this eventually die out as everyone eventually got "banned"?

    To be honest, i don't think this game is really a good idea- some new members may come in and think "they ban people for THAT??!!" and just not come back. Worse yet, they could also spread some bad word about that to friends and make for less traffic to the site.

    Still, if this game was to be a go I would "ban" you for using a Nintendo character as an avatar on a PlayStation site! ;)
  • I would ban you for using green
  • I actually saw this on a few other forums.
    Now that you mention it, it does seem like a bad idea
    on the other forums members were allowed to post
    as many times as they wanted which they may do here
    this is almost like spaming and just to increase their post count.

    So lyndon i will leave it up to you what would you like
    to do with the thread i will understand your decision will be for the good of the site.

    So i'll go ahead and ban shadow for banning
    lyn for using green.

    l know im not a mod or anything but i think it would be best that nobody post here until lyndon decides what to do and my post count doesn't have to increase here
  • That is basically what I felt this would turn into- a spamfest to get that +1 to the post count. I think it would be best to just shut this down. Anyway, it's what you post and not how many times that counts. B)
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