Online ID and Friends
  • I stupidly erased my online ID and with it, my entire friends list. Is there any way to get all of that info back.
  • If you are talking on the PS3, if you set up the name again on the system as a master account you should be able to get it back. The friends list is kept on Sony's servers, not just on the PS3. Once the user is set up go to the "sign up for the Playstation network" symbol and select "use an existing account", then put in the log in for that name.
  • Would i be possible to retrieve my PSN id and friends list on a new PS3 if my old one was to stop working which i fear would happen.

  • Very easy, ganon- when you set up the user on the new PS3 select "use existing account" in the playstation network signup and give your e-mail/ password combination. The friends list is stored on the PSN servers, not the hard drive of the system, so your friends list will be retrieved automatically.