I just bought a router
  • D link xtreme gigabit n router it is good:confused:
  • To be honest, Luisongo, I would not recommend buying any router that uses 802.11 N yet. Every N router is currently using "draft" technology- in other words, what the company wants/ thinks the final specs will be.

    If buying the router specifically for PS3 use, take it back and get one that is 802.11 G instead. You'll save some cash and know for sure it will work for the PS3.
  • ok lyndon give an exact model so i can go and trade it
  • hey i just check this one out it is good

    D-Link Product Categories
  • Any of the wireless G routers would do the job nicely there- look for those in the cable/ DSL routers section. Find the model you would like to check out and start comparison shopping- you'll no doubt find it a bit cheaper going retail than buying directly from D-Link.
  • Hey Lyndon my dad bought me a d link xtreme gaming router and it works perfect thanks for all of your support
  • Good to hear, Luis- enjoy the online play! maybe we could hook up sometime in Hot Shots Golf (my main game right now).
  • Do you have other games that i can play with you:confused:
  • That's about the only one I play online currently- I'm not into the whole "death match" bit found in most of the shooters.