my psp wont use internet...
  • hey i need help here well my psp just use adhoc system to play online but i cant update it with the internet /the internet doesnt work in it
    how can i fix that ?
    tell me i need answer
  • Ad Hoc is just for local connections to other PSPs. To actually go online with the PSP you need to set up an Infrastructure connection.
  • yeah i know but psp is slim doesnt have an IR but it cant connect to an acess point but the others can connect to an acess point but....hey is the modem is importent?
  • The access point would be the router, N.O.B.- if you don't have a wireless router there you won't be getting online at home.
  • so i got have a console that uses a wireless router like a labtob?
  • The wireless router is the Access point, NOB. This is what the PSP connects to, and uses to go online.
  • yeah i know but there is lot of routers and if i found one without a security passcode it says(the access point cannot be estabelaished)our access point is named (linksys)and it without a security setting but it cant be reached
  • NOB, what is the model number of the Linksys? If the PSP cannot establish a connection to it it is possible there is actually security (encryption) in place or you may need to go into the router settings and make an adjustment.
  • i dont know whats the model of the linksys but i thout there is a problem cuz in every place i go to with my psp the routers is working but psp cant reach it how i mean why ?
  • First off, you are turning the switch that triggers the PSP's wi-fi on? On the older models this is beside the memory card slot.
  • On the Slim it's at the top of the console, by the USB Slot.
  • i know i turn it on and then it cant get to the access point
  • What access points are coming up when you scan for them on your PSP...? Are you sure you haven't missed it...?
  • it cant scan very well when it scan it gets 3 access points but when i take one step behind one if them despears
  • It is possible something is wrong with the wi-fi in your PSP or the access points you are finding are interfering with each other enough to mess up your connecting. If it is the interference issue there isn't much that can be done other than be nearer to the one you want to connect to. If it is a hardwar problem you should be able to exchange for another PSP, considering how new yours is.