need steps to connect to internet wirelessly
  • hey can you guys tell me about some steps to connect wirelessly to the internet if there any of them i need
  • Switch the WLAN switch to on on your PSP.

    Begin to set up your Infrastructure Connection.

    Scan for your access point in the home (i.e. a wireless router).

    Once found, select and enter all of the necessary security settings.

    Next thing is to enter all of your Network Settings (IP Address, DNS Servers etc). Try doing this by selecting Automatic at first, if that doesn't work you'll have to find them and enter them all manually.

    Once everything is done correctly regarding the connection set-up, your PSP should test the connection and it should succeed- meaning you'd be online.
  • ok thanks rob but do you mean (DSL wireless router)?
  • That would be fine, Nob. Just make sure it's a wireless 'G' router not a 'N' version.