lego star wars 2 - jabbas palace help!
  • My son is in jabbas palace. He got to the point of passing through where there are the 3 blocks to line up to make a ramp & then build bridges across. when we get to the next point, we cant figure out what to do. we have pulled down all levers. I think there is 1 more, not sure. we put on the white helmets, theres one spot where it looks like there needs a green one, could just be the glow though. other than that, we have fought off everyone & hit all levers- what are we missing????? thanks for the help
  • If this is the place I think it is, next to that door there should be 2 things (I don't know what their proper name is) hit them and some buildable lego pieces should come out build them and it should make a C-3P0, panel get C-3P0 and activate it and the door should open.;)