bigger memory 4 my ps3..
  • I recently bought a 40gb ps3 in april, as u can imagine i am disapointed 2 hear about the release of the 80gb version.. My 40gb hard-drive is full, can i jus buy a 80gb hard-drive an install it in my 40gb version?? Or can i buy sum sort external memory device 2 ease my frustration about having no memory left..
  • PS3's should be compatible with all Notebook 2.5" SATA HDD's on the market. These can go up to sizes of 500GB i think. All you'll need to do is buy one of these, remove your current PS3 HDD and replace it with your chosen Notebook 2.5" SATA HDD.;)
  • Yes we think rob jaja i have a 320 GB im pleased for now jaja:D