whats the most disturbing video games?
  • The game that i found the most disturbing has got to be manhunt on the PS2.
    i only played for about half an hour and that was enough for me,i couldnt quite get to grips with putting bags over peoples head's stabing them with pens etc etc it just was'nt my cup of tea.
    it just seem to be mindless killing not really a story line to it and just to warped so it had to go back to the shop.
    there is another game i found a bit odd but i cant remember the name,it was in a prison and you had to escape from demons there were different demons sort of depicting different deaths lethal injection....electric chair and so on and then form time to time his dead wife popped up saying things to him,some one will no what im on about :D it's a PS2 game.
  • never herd of the secound game it sounds a little bit odd
  • Manhunt definitely did push the envelope fr acceptable content on the systems- no surprise it came from Rockstar. :p

    I know the other game you are talking about but for the life of me, i can't remember the title. i do remember it wasn't that great of a game, however, and the sequel was worse.
  • i never bought the sequel,i didnt think much to the first one myself either a bit to far out......someone will no what it's called im sure,another game i thought was a bit on the wierd side was max payne,the bit with the babys screaming all the time sent shivers down my spine.
  • is the game called The Suffering: Ties That Bind
  • gta 1, mortal kombat and wutang clan though i loved the first two games.
  • nasher08 said:
    is the game called The Suffering: Ties That Bind

    that' the one :D
    i knew some one would get it......very odd game.
  • i never played wu tang but i must agree mortal combat is a bit gorey also was gta1,probably with it been one of the first type of game of it's nature.
  • can i say im getting a bit freaked out by silent hill origins on the PSP - I think its because i have been playing it sat in the dark with the headphones in!! But the monster in the sanitarium that is like a shadow with a metal back brace on really really freaked me out!!! So much so i had to turn the game off and go and sit with chris for half an hour till i stopped thinking about it!!
  • yeh i only had the demo of the 1st one where you where at the scholl that was really really messed up. nothing made me jump more than on resident evil one where the dogs jumped out of the window near the start made me and my brother jump.
  • Oh my god yes i remember playing that when i first got my psone!! My parents had gone out for the night and i was home alone playing it in the dark with the dog sat on the end of my bed. When the dogs jumped through the window my dog started barking and growling and proper freaked me out!!!
  • i would of legged it, game was enough for me, a real dog there too i would probably screem or something.
  • i did'nt like (the-sims 2)on psp it's stupid you know?
  • Wow, residant evil 3 was frightning. i used to live in the middle of nowhere and play it at night on the porch. i swear i almost shat myself one time. lol
  • siren blood curse for me, ive always hated scary/horror games, not scary /horror movies, in games its like ur actually there, and it give u a jump sumtimes xD