• hey guys i wanted to ask you
    why when i update my psp the games does'nt work?
  • There is nothing that should be messing up the game playing of your PSP when you update the firmware. If updating the firmware makes it unable to play games it's time to call Sony tech support.

    That is, unless you were mucking around with some homebrew games, in which case you're SOL here. We don't support the use of those "custom" firmwares and other homebrew stuff.
  • no i've update it a normal update like in network update and i still can't play games in it
    it's quite new i did buy it last month why ? why is that happening?
  • The PSP is not reading your discs...? If so, it's likely you'll have to call Sony Tech support and arrange for repairs/ replacement.
  • i had that same thing happen to my psp so i just threw it away
  • nah.. i play games loceted on the memory stick
  • Which, i will add, are not coming from the PlayStation Store (as i found out after talking via instant messenger). With that in mind, this thread is being locked.
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