Non-sony products for ps2 - should i buy them ?
  • Theres so much stuff out there for the PS2 not made by Sony and at a much lower prices. I'm tempted to buy some of these products specifically another controller and memory card but i am wary of the quality of these products. What do you guys think ? I have a few questions :

    Whats are the differences between the Sony PS1 controller and Sony PS2 controller ?

    If i buy a PS1-PS2 converter (upgrades standard Sony PS1 controller for PS2 use) would it be as good (or full-featured)as the official Sony Dual Shock 2 controller for PS2 ?

    Can anyone recommend any decent third party controllers (ideally as good as the Sony Dual Shock 2 controller) and memory cards ?
  • if u wanna know the best 3rd party brands to get

    Anything MadKatz, an NYKO

    stay the hell away from Pelican, they make the worst 3rd party hardware ever
  • well for the diffrence between the ps1 and the ps2 controler is the basially the
  • For the memory card I would definitely stick with the Sony cards.Sony has revoked the license for all third party card manufacturers due to the lack of quality that was found in most.

    For controllers I found the Mad Catz Dual Force 2 to be a good choice-it is a bit bigger and has a macro command button (handy for that long combo on the fighting games).The sticks are a bit looser compared to the Sony controllers but still work well.Just don't let it drop to the floor-they can damage easily that way.
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    When it comes to my PS2 i try to use nothing but Sony's accessories because i used a third party memory card on my PSone and for some reason it got wiped... DAMN WIPED!!!

    So stick with Sony
  • I'm a UK resident so i dont know if i can get MadKatz and NYCO products, but i will check it out. As for the memory cards i think i'll stick with Sony cos losing game files isn't funny.

    Thanks for the advice & warning fellow gamers (Lyndon, A.J, & Rican).
  • The difference between the PS1 and the PS2 controllers is the PS2 buttons are analog and where as the PS1 controllers only the analog sticks were analog. As for the rest of your questions I really can't say as I have never really used anything but official Sony products.
  • Sure you can get a 3rd party peripheral for alot less but how would you like to replace that every week or so because it's broke or just plain doesn't work? I didn't think you'd like that one. For instance, the 16MB memory card from Interact for the PS2 is a complete and utter waste of time and money as it's like buying some plastic packaged in a nice little box because it doesn't work. For controllers, buttons are loosened each time you depress them. It would take alot less time to break a 3rd party controller due to it's use of inferior parts to save money, money that you thought you were saving(until it broke and you had to buy a new one). In the end, the choice is left up to you whether to try out these 3rd party peripherals or not but i know of at least one person who isn't ever going to risk doing just that anymore. I will say that i have had an Interact 360 block MC for the PSX that has only had one problem but that was one more problem then i would have had to deal with on a Sony MC. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • It's your choice here Tanner. If you feel comforble about buying a non- sony brand buy it.
  • Well sure, you can buy them. But keep in mind, the Playstation is one of the few products where 3rd-party products just aren't up to snuff.

    It isn't due to any electronic "trickery" on SONY's behalf, for as far as home electronic equipment goes, its architecture isn't really that complicated (don't misread that to mean it is "simple" by any means).

    It just seems that with SONY's growing popularity, many 3rd party vendors were in a "rush" to cash in and not to provide quality components.
  • Thanks guys for all your opinions i have to decided on Sony products, well atleast when buying a memory card or controller. It ok to buy a non-Sony PS2 stand ? just kiddin.
  • the ps1 controller is called a dualshock controller it gives out less force than the dualshock2 controller which is used for ps2.
    i would'nt go for any 3rd party peripherals because of the quality. when i first bought my play station i had a memory card made by mad kazt. it was ok until one day i played tony hawk 2 and it wouldnt load my saved game. i was really annoyed. just get sony hardware because they last a lot longer and are of better quality.
  • Don't buy them Mad Catz Sucks and My PS1 multi tap is ruining my controllers it's either that or because I roll them up