Who's missing a member? (no jokes!)
  • I've been wondering about Haplo35 for a while now, and what happened to Ricecooker and PJB?
  • I haven't been here long but when I first joined, I noticed player of pawns posted a lot but he hasn't posted in at least a month to my knowledge. Maybe he was kicked off or suspended or he left without me knowing but he's the only one that I can think of that disappeared while I was here. Good thread WB
  • Eliminator - Suddenly stopped posting, i tried emailing him but my mail got bounced back.

    hangoverqueen - Still busy with her house and her job?

    Demi Devil - Haven't seen post for a while, still around?

    Juggleknot - I'll try and catch him on AOL, sad to see he's not been back posting since he had a few personal problems

    And the search still goes on for Technoape...

    Come back soon guys, you're all missed
  • PJB has an e-mail address in his profile, PJB But all the others have theirs hidden.

    Add Darkraider, and Squanto to the missing list...
  • Missing people well the only person I know that is missing is DarkAngel she couldn't sign back in after the little problem a while back (March) so I hope she is able to get back in.

  • Sapphire, those problems when the forums were updated back in March have since been resolved, and DarkAngel should be able to sign in now with no problems...
  • Ive seen Demi Devil's name on the bottom of the screen when ive been in a few times, but no posts for a while.
  • I talked with Demi a few weeks back in the chat and hasn't been online much(other than late night my time) because he's been busy. Charm talked about not being able to use the computer as a punishment a while back and i haven't seen her since. Juggle has been around and has posted a bit in the FF8 and 9 areas but since getting his PS2, i think you can all understand. Dark Angel is probably going to need to re-register as all new members after the 18th and before the 21st(or something like that) were deleted due to the forum update problem. Neither Genie(GeneStarwind) nor Mobes(Immobilizer) have posted much until just recently. I guess they've both been busy at school(they go to same school). Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • Yea, but who wants that moron Mobes. He sucks!!

    Madhtr...you bring a tear to my eye...I can't believe you didn't forget about me. But I'm back now, even with a new avatar. I was pre-occupied with my new step in life...a job!! ::gasp:: Yea, a video game, couch warming, internet freak like me has a job. ::gasp:: But hey, I'll still be here when I can post. I guarantee!
  • Yeesh, looking at this thread I'm beginning to think I've been a little AFK myself.....

    The people I miss are juggleknot and digger.
  • How's thing's PB? I'm still around, I just have to watch myself a little more lately on the net due to only having internet access at work. It's sometimes a matter of writing a reply in Word then doing a quick cut and paste job in a thread.

    Gotta watch out for "Big Brother"
  • [quote]How's thing's PB? I'm still around, I just have to watch myself a little more lately on the net due to only having internet access at work. It's sometimes a matter of writing a reply in Word then doing a quick cut and paste job in a thread.

    Gotta watch out for "Big Brother"
  • I got a PM from Haplo35 a few months back, before Christmas, but nothing since.
  • I was wondering what happened with the3ofswords, he was a alright guy and I liked his posts!
    and Charm too!
    ;) :0
  • Mystique, we do go through alot of members due to the fact that many only come in when they have a question to ask and they forget about the site after that. Sometimes people only come in every now and then to check out info in the site. Others only come into the site looking for trouble and those who do get it. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • [b]There is 2 people that I would like to see back in here

    First is Lotty A.K.A. HangOverQueen, not seen or spoken to you in ages!!!!!

    Second is TechnoApe, The last I heard of him he was in a bit of a road accident but was OK. It's been over a year and none of his mail accounts don't work :(
  • [b]Dont forget about Crashkart, The Game, Mengsk (been on recently but was gone for a while), jcandsc, Majik, and all of the STAFF members( like Tom D STAFF and all of the rest).

    EDIT: Hey Fluff, long time no see.
  • [b]Theve1tch,yes 3ofSwords was suspended from the site after the nastyness he caused with so many members.

    I haven't seen teck deck dudette post in awhile.
  • [b]I thought of some other names as well.
  • [b]School me in UT mobes? HA! Yea i have been very busy at school and have been going many places thanks to my great buds...not Mobes. :laugh3:
  • i've been around, just not as much as usual.
  • [b]Well looks like we have one of the missing members back.
  • No one has metioned way2shady, I haven't seen him around in a long time ;) Well see you all around
  • Now that I think about it, where's fart?
  • Fart is back and the last I have seen of way2 was in the gta3 forum.
  • [b]Another person who's missin is rancor.
  • well im back i havent been here for about week due to my sickness starts with a "D" Diah... you know the rest. well i feel pretty godd now but i fainted and got a big bruise on my chin black and blue size of a quarter.
  • Got an email from PJB today telling me that he's been real busy and hasn't been able to login to the forums much. He told me to let you all know that he misses being in and he should drop in every now and then. He also wanted me to say hi to everyone from him. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • im still here rollerangel but ive been away for a few weeks and ive been REALLY busy with my band trying to find a new drummer and stuff, i came back from my holiday yesterday so im gonna have to try and catch up on my posts!
  • Seen my name mentioned as missing in action.
  • So, was The3OfSwords banned or suspended?
  • Good to see ya back Gene, Mobes!
    Thanks for noticing i've been a bit post shy recently SpeedD :D

    I've been checking up on you all, but not had much time to post. I'm going away tommorrow for a football tournament till friday ( should anyone miss me! ) ;)

    Hiya Juggle! Sorry haven't noticed you in the PS2 Forums, since i don't have much need to visit them! He he! :(
  • [b]Have fun Fluff and I hope you win!
  • Has any one seen Sapphire laterly?? She joined last month, clocked up quite a few post's in a short time had a really cool av. (well i liked it) but aint seen her laterly.
  • I'll pin this Thread at the top just incase others miss out. I'll leave it up for a few weeks

    We miss ya HangOverQueen
  • Sapphire has been having some computer problems which is why she isnt around

    I luved her av too!
  • I spoke to HOQ the other day on MSN. She doesn't have a computer at home and was using her "work" ;) computer to chat. If i speak to her again soon i'll get her to post a little something here :) But she's well which is good to hear!

    It wasn't actually a tournament, one team pulled out so we just played friendlies with the other 2 teams, won 1 and drew 1. Pretty good. Cheers guys!
  • I haven't seen PinballWizard lately.Do ya know why Fluff?? :thumbsup:
  • Pinball posted in the lounge a couple days back about losing interest in his PS2 and wanting to gain that back again. Hopefully he'll be able to find his ferver again and be a gameaholic oncemore. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • [b]I do catch old Pinballwizard on MSN once in a while, I'll see if I can get his fever back up. He is a busy man in real life, huh! kids!
  • Way2shady hasnt been around all the lot have you guys seen him?
  • I also have missed Charm... I though she would have checked in by now :)
  • I haven't seen Plasma snake around for a while. When we had that hacker, did he leave?? and where's Forger ?!?!? havn't seen him for a while. :(
  • I haven't seen Plasma snake around for a while. When we had that hacker, did he leave??[/b]

    [b]I was told that he told a member that he was the hacker.
  • What ever happened to Fluff.

    Havent seen him around lately.And i also havent seen 3ofswords but he probably quit after that incident with Lu.
  • Just to let you all know; 3of and Plasma were both banned during separate incidents. That's all that needs to be known about that subject though. Fluff still comes in daily but he's really busy as are the other mods and he's just not had much time to post. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • i saw fluffs name down the bottom on the active users list a couple of days back.
  • [b]I haven't seen mfashipl for quite some time. He joined a month or so before me and used to PM me occasionaly as we live in the same region. Nothing for quite a while tho'
  • Anyone have any idea what's up with Haplo??
  • I still check up on you all every day ;) I just don't have much time for posting as Mad says. But I'll try and make more time! :D

    I too remember mfashipl, from egypt i believe? Haven't seen him for a long time tho, last i heard he was going away somewhere... ?
  • I have been gone for the last few days, just dropping in to tell everyone that I'm back. :)
  • Hey I'm back again! I miss this forum alot so i cant turn my back on this forum even if i'm busy. Thanks alot
  • Hey! welcomee back Zidane48
  • My computer has been down for over a month , and I really missed all you lot ..... couldnt wait to get back on .
  • Hey no one remembers me? I've been in and out sometimes. I had been tied to my PS2 with RE:CVX, and then school and sports also I've been working hard with school projects (see Video Game Censorship) ....Well with school almost out, I'm here to stay :2devilish:
  • Glad to hear it Mengsk.

    And you know that if you're feeling like an AV change from Carlos..the next AV awards are only a couple of months away
  • Yes too many people have gone missing.
    Like my close friend TheMightyPenoix (as spelt)
    Why Why were are all my mates gone
  • [quote]Gid's AV Management Consultancy is always looking for high quality AV's to represent
  • [quote]Gid's AV Management Consultancy is always looking for high quality AV's to represent
  • see ya sometime in late may early June guys.[/b]

    [b]DAN!!!!! u cant leave for that long!!!!
  • Well... dissapointment... my name was nowhere to be found... Well anyway I'm back... I've been busy a while with school, a girl... a broken heart... But I'll get over it... Well, at least it'll give me more time for myself, and API... So see y'all around. :thumbsup:
  • I noticed that sapphire said she wanted to know where i've been. My computer's hard drive got to full and my computer just went nuts. I had to wipe everything off and restart it. But i would now like to know sapphire has gone!! Has anybody seen her in a while???
  • As you may of guessed dark_angel the forums been down for a bit, so everyones been gone, but if you want to get in conntact her try sending her an email via her profile
  • Don't you worry....she'll be back within the week. She's on vacation and will be back from that in a couple days....I'll let her know that the forums are back up so that she can come and talk with you...If you still want to PM her about it then please feel free to do so as it'll just make my job that much easier....heh, heh...Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • wher is gabrial knight ? :huh:
  • Gabrial knight is in Finnland,Oulun l
  • What's happened to Dan???? anybody seen him lately??
  • He mentioned that he was haveing some health problems a while back, so maybe he has not recovered as quickly as he was hoping. :(
    Oh and Devil Child, where is Wave girl??? You been hogging that computer and not letting her on?? :D
  • I seem to remember Dan saying something about not being back for a little while(back before the server probs). I'm not too sure about Lucy...I know he was adding a new HDD before the server probs and possible probs could have occurred(hopefully not) or he may just be overwhelmed with his job. I haven't talked with him since right before the problems with the server so i'm not too sure right now. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Originally posted by Theve1tch@Jun 12 2002, 02:16 PM
    Oh and Devil Child, where is Wave girl??? You been hogging that computer and not letting her on?? :D

    Wave Girl is running back and forth between here and Seattle every couple of days for her work(a 3 1/2 hour drive 1-way), so she has not been doing much but catching a few zzz's and a hot meal (yes I cook for her ;) ) when she is here, and then she is off again.

    I am tied to the ol' farm for about the next month, it's hayin time.
  • Dev nudged me on the couch and told me I was asked about, I may not be on that frequently but I will make a better effort to pop in and let you all know I am still alive, however if I don't slow my roll abit Dev may have to pack me around cause I will collapse of tiredness and fried nerves.

    I think I have a week of freetime comin' and I would love to do nothin but get caught up with you all. So while Dev is buckin' bales, I will be here, if I don't decide to drive hay truck, that would be a new experience.

    I am alive. Kinda :D
  • Ok then Wave girl, we will let you off for not coming in to say hi. :) Glad you have DC well trainned with the hot meals. :D
    Next person i haven't seen in a while is mobes. Any one know why he aint about?? Gene I would of thought you knew, or you not at school together any more?
  • He's a busy guy with his job and all now....heh, heh....he must be pretty busy to get stuck away from here. I have seen him in AIM but haven't talked with him in awhile though. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I heard from HangoverQueen yesterday and she will be back very soon
  • I'm back!!!!!!!! Howdy Ho! :)

    I emailed Sapphire a while back, and she said she is having computer probs. She said she misses everybody, and she will be back soon. :)
  • Hey where did Daggers Lover?? Go I'm just curious!! :P
  • I think daggers lover mom sold his ps2 and told him to
    get out of the house more often. I know dogden went to take some test and wouldn't be back
    for a few months, but that was a long time ago!! Did his username get elimated??

  • hey PARASITE i saw daggers lover on last night so he's here.
    Has and one seen my friend charles garth on that's his sn on here???
  • Originally posted by Masterman@Jun 16 2002, 08:25 PM
    I think daggers lover mom sold his ps2 and told him to
    get out of the house more often.

    I think that was Cloud Strife actually. He said so in a topic in the old forums. :)
  • ummm my mom does say to go outside more but she didnt sell my PS2 and Im here and always will be here!!! HAVE FUN!!!;)
  • Tell 'em DL!!! Representin' the birthplace of Nixon!! DL is in the Hi-zouse!!
    (He's the shizit, yo!)

    I crack me up. :D

    Other than that, Lucifer's missing some prime sounding-off threads, where can the boy be?..........
  • I'm really disappointed guys...no one missed me?? *sniff* After losing my grandpa to cancer and being in a car accident? *sniff* I think I'm going to go cry in a dark corner...
  • Whoa! Sorry about your grandpa. I hope you feel better soon. As for the accident, I hope you are ok.

    Heres a list of some of the people who haven't been here that I'm concerned about

    Setsuna the dark soul
    Demi Devil
    somebody << Yes, it is a member name<br />Pinballwizard
    Sam W Staff
    Martin G Staff
    Robert B Staff
    Tom R Staff
    Tom D Staff
    Loretta M Staff
    James G Staff

    These are but a few of the many missing members. Come on guys, come back! We're worried about youuuuu! :)
  • well danny i have been looking through the members list and have foun that

    xion is still on the members list

    tom d staff is still on the members list
    tom r staff is still on the members list

    these guys are the only people i could find on it so it leads me to think that the rest have been deleted or forgotten about

    except maybe

    Sam W Staff
    Martin G Staff
    Robert B Staff
    Loretta M Staff
    James G Staff

    these guys probably just havnt had time to get back to the forums for some reason or another

    has anyone seen Jim B STAFF around latley???
  • Jim B STAFF retired a while back, but can still be seen around and about.;)
    As for Danny's list, most i only know about from the longer serving members, except Pinballwizard, i think i saw him on the active members list at the bottem of the page the other day.
  • whoops i only just realised jim b retired sorry guys

    yes i did see pinballwizard a few days ago too but he didnt post anything!
  • I'm just wondering why Danny is concerned for certain members considering they haven't been active since way before he initially enrolled as Daniel Clement?

    We can all use the member list option.

    This thread is designed for members to highlight other members they have had direct contact with (and miss) who haven't been active in a while.

    I can name half a dozen member names who 95% of 'regulars' could never remember because it was before their time.

    Lets keep this thread focused on who people know and miss at present, as opposed to member names they can find on a simple search function.

    We all get concerned for our friends, but lets not SPAM concern for 'older' members whom some of us have never had any contact with. Its not exactly sincere and is most definitely bordering on SPAM.

    There's enough members who have been around since the relaunch in Nov. 2000 to know what's what in regards to missing members. Any sort of 'false concern' in an attempt to increase post count will most definitely be seen a mile away.

  • I miss my old friend PJB. Remember him guys? He was cool, always wrote to me exclusively for advice and such. Miss the dude. <_<</font>
  • I have talked with him a bit through emails but not sure why he hasn't come back to the forums in a long time now. He won't know what's up when or if he does as well. Of course, that's what he has us for. Anyway, next time i talk with him i will tell him that he's been asked about and hopefully he'll drop in and say howdy. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Very well said Gid....

    Has anyone heard from Sam W STAFF (chunli!) recently? Shared many a chat in the old LiveCHAT sessions, anyone heard from her?

    Eliminator has sadly been missing for a long time now, don't know if anyone else will remember him but he helped me with the early days of the now deceased Jukebox. I haven't got a valid e-mail account for him either...

    Shame that Lotty (HOQ) hasn't made it back yet aswell, last i heard she still hasn't got a PC at home, and obviously has to "work" on her work computer!

    Squanto, technoape, mfashipl, Demi Devil are also sorely missed....

  • has anyone seen my friend his api sn is charles,I am j/w if he still a member since we had a lot of members deleted out of the system
  • I still believe that he's still a member but i don't think that he's been back since the server has been back up...Maybe you should email him to let him know that APi is back working again. I have talked with Sam in MSN a couple times. She's not in there very often but that's because she's been pretty busy recently. Demi Devil has been in off and on but hasn't been making many posts lately. I haven't seen the others that you've mentioned, Fluff, for quite some time now. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Danny, SephirothDL is DaggersLover. I dont thing you were a member back when he changed his name a couple of times. He changed it from DaggersLover to SephirothDL and then back to DaggersLover.
  • Aw how nice, someone remembered me? Hehe well I'm back, no need to worry. I only thought about two people would have noticed that I was gone. I was too depressed to come one and I think my fire alarm is going off so I'd better go check!!! :blink: Thanks for remembering me people!!! It means a lot :ph34r: woah smoke! Scuse me, I think I'd better check the kitchen like, now!
  • Well everyone, im back after a pretty hard year, and im impressed about the new layout of the forums. Back in my time, there were only a few things to help, and now the api forums are a complex maze of html and help!

    Many people are still around, like speedemon, Lucifer, madhtr, speedie, fluff, and a lot of people have also had promotions too! I'll probably be popping into the forums pretty ofter (i hope) since it is my summer holidays.

    In some respects, its the end of an era for me, since i got a gamecube yesterday. I'm pretty sad about it, but the cost was too enpowering. Im sorry, :( but i had to so it. I hope you will bear no grudges against me for doing what i ghad to do. I still have my old playstation, buy my newest game is probably thps2 ow wwf smackdown2. However, i do have 2 ps2 games on gamecube; Burnout and THPS3, which are nearly exactcly the same as their ps2 counterparts, so i'll be able to relate to them. ;)

    I hope the best for the future, and to api.


  • Has anyone seen or heard from Gr8whiteShark lately!?!? I've not seen him in here in ages!!! :(
  • The member I miss is Cloud Strife(although I know why he's gone) it's kind of sad the reason why he left and I miss him dearly now.
  • [quote]Originally posted by speediebeenie@Jul 16 2002, 04:22 AM

    Has anyone seen or heard from Gr8whiteShark lately!?!?
  • Hmmm.... i saw Charm on the online list just a few days ago, guess she's still casting an eye over us!

    I also miss gr8white, especially in the Jokes & Trivia Forum! :(
  • Big bad boreanaz i havent seen round here for a long time, he was a cool guy!! And i luved his av ;)

    And charm too, i miss her! :(

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