ps3 wired connection problems
  • I have a ps3, using wired connection with ethernet and telus provider

    heres the downlow on my problem:
    i started a new wired connection and when i test my connection i get a message saying:

    IP connection - succeeded
    Internet Connection - failed

    connection to the server timed out

    any clue to why it says this, ive got the most recent update on my ps3 so i dont know what it could be.

    here are my settings:
    internet connection - automatic
    connection method -automatic
    speed and duplex - automatic
    address settings - automatic
    IP - automatic
    Subnet - automatic
    Default Router - automatic
    Primary DNS - automatic
    Secondary DNS - automatic
    MTU - automatic
    Proxy - Do Not Use
    UPnP - Enabled (not available)
  • To be frank the PlayStation network has been somewhat hit-or-miss lately. Quite a few are having problems getting logged in, having things time out. I had the same thing myself until just today. For some reason a sub account I made up was able to log in no problem. After that I could get on with no problem on the master.

    Basically what I'm saying is the problem may be in Sony's equipment and not yours. You could try setting up a sub account and see if it gets through. If it does maybe then you can get logged in on your master account.

    To be sure, however, you could try putting in some of the numbers you left as automatic before such as the DNS servers, subnet mask and router ip.
  • entered all numbers manually that i could...same problem. whats a sub account and how do you go abouts making one?
  • A sub account is a second user on the system that can do most of what the main user can but can have restrictions put on if need be. Say, for example, a father with 2 kids and each wants their own PSN name. Dad can set himself up as the master account and each of the kids can have their own and be set up to not be allowed to buy from the Store, restrict games thet can play, etc.

    First go into the User area of the media bar and set up a second user thenlog in as that. Now when you go over to Friends you should see the "sign up for the playstation network' option. Go in here and when setting up the account select "sub account" instead of master. You will need to use a second e-mail address for this sub account.
  • hmmm....well thanks for the help i guess ill keep messing with stuff until it works or maybe its just sony itself, any idea when the next firmware update is?
  • We should be seeing a somewhat significant update around late march when the PS3 launches in the UK and Europe. Phil harisson has been quoted as saying the next update will include background downloading (no more being stuck watching a progress bar when grabbing a video in the PlayStation Store). No firm word of what else will be in there- lots of gossip/ wishful thinking on other message boards though.
  • I also have problems with the wired internet connection and all that, but a little different.

    Ip connection: Succeeded
    Internet Connection: Failed

    An error occurred during communication with the server.
    This is a DNS error.

    If anyone know how i get it to get please answer my question.

    This is my settings:
    internet connection: Automatic
    connection method: Automatic
    speed and duplex: Auto-Detect
    address settings: Automatic
    IP: Automatic
    Subnet: Automatic
    Default Router: Automatic
    Primary DNS: Automatic
    Secondary DNS: Automatic
    MTU: Automatic
    Proxy - Do Not Use
    UPnP - Enabled
  • This isn't any different than most others, actually. You will find the thing works a lot smoother if you have the numbers put in manually rather than go automatic. If you are using a router go into the settings for it and you should be able to get the DNS server numbers as well as the Subnet mask. Put the IP address of the router in as well under "default router".

    If, however, you are not using a router and have connected directly to the modem you may have to simply power it down for a few seconds and then get it going again. When switching the cable around it is best to turn the modem off so it can "let go" of the IP address given to the last thing it was conected to.
  • :frown: im haveing a different problem ....:confused:

    internet : connection enabled
    method : wired
    speed and duplex : automatic
    address settings : automatic
    ip address : auto
    subnet mask : auto
    default router : automatic
    primary DNS : automatic
    secondary DNS : automatic
    MTU : automatic
    proxy server : do not use
    UPnP : enabled

    test connection
    obtain ip address : failed
    inyternet connection -
    the attempt to find ip address timed out

    i have a ip host number and a subnet mask but no primary or secondary dns because i do not no how to find them out

    i also have no router i just have a modem
    i need help please
  • Your internet provider should be able to give the numbers to you, Steve- just give their tech support a call.

    Did you turn off the modem when you switched the cable from your computer to the PS3? If not turn it off and then after a few seconds turn it on again- your internet provider likely did not "let go" of the IP address handed out to your PC at the time.
  • I have tryed all of these above, i have no router as my pc doesnt need one, not really much experiance with technical stuff, my PLAYSTATION Network is still timed out, i am afraid incase it might not be fixable, my connection to the internet says it has succeeded,but i cannot view browser etc.. , i am needing help, thank you.
  • Jordey, if going with a direct connection to the modem you should be able to get going by simply powering down the modem for 30 seconds and then plug it in again. Your ISP has to mark the IP it gave your computer before you switched the cable as available so that it can be assigned to your PS3.
  • hey im having problems with my ps3.

    Its a Wired connection to my router.

    it says that i have a 8002ad23 error and it dosent tell me how to fix it.

    Can anyone help???
  • You may want to try going into the Network Settings on the PS3 and turn off the media server. Also give power cycling the router (unplug the power for a minute then plug it in again) a shot. Sometimes this helps it clean the cobwebs out.
  • well now i dont get disconnected but i still cant play online. i still keep getting interupted and i have never had this happend to me before. I have 9 megabytes of connection speed. I did what u told me to do up top. u have any other suggestions???
  • Ok, Goon- now you should go into the router settings and take care of some port forwarding issues. I've listed in some of the other threads in here what ports to open- you should find the right spot in the Advanced area of the router settings.
  • one more signs me out even when im connected directly to the modem...does that mean there is something wrong with my ps3???
  • Being signed out when connected directly to the modem may mean a setting change needed when going like that or it may be problems with your ISP itself.

    Once you get the port forwarding done on the router settings go back through the PS3's network connection and make absolutely sure you have everything as it should be. If you haven't before put as many of the settings in manually (router IP address, subnet mask, DNS servers) and try another connection test.
  • I manually entered all the info needed(DNS, IP's, Subnet Mask ect) and I get

    Obtain IP Address: Succeeded
    Internet Connection: Failed

    An error occured during the communication with the server
    This is a DNS error

    However as my internet connect fails I receive a windows System Error on my cpu saying "there is an IP address conflict with another system on the network" what can I do? I checked my DNS and its the correct address
  • You are getting the IP conflict because you have both your computer and the PS3 wanting the same IP address. If you go into the router's DHCP Client List you should be able to set up a specific address just for the PS3 using its MAC Address- do this and you should get rid of the problem.
  • hm how would I do that exactly? I just wanna be sure, I dont have a router
  • Hmm... I'm not sure why the computer would say it has an IP address conflict when it isn't even connected online. :confused:

    Anyway, Jimbo, a simple solution for you would be to unplug the modem's power before switching the ethernet cable. This will make the modem "let go" of the connection to the PC and will have the IP address for the PS3.
  • lol I misunderstood, how do I check the DHCP Client List as you said earlier.
  • That, again, is something related to routers (which you said you don't have).

    Out of curiosity, are you running the ethernet cable from the PC to the PS3? If so you may want to look up "internet connection sharing". If you are doing it this way the problem is your PS3 and the PC having the same IP address.
  • I wasnt too clear, my apologies. Im running my cable from my modem to my ps3
  • Right then- my answer in my second reply to you stands. Unplug the modem's power, switch the ethernet cable to the PS3, then plug in the power again.
  • hello. I have a Linksys wireless-g router and i think a Cat-6 ethernet cable. i been trying to get internet on my ps3. I get my IP address to work but my internet connection fails and it says:

    the connection to the server timed out.(80710092)

    Help would be greatly appreciated.
  • First things first, you may have entered some wrong numbers in the connection settings. If you can enter all of the settings in manually then do this- this saves the PS3 from doing this wrong. You can find most of these in a search through your router's settings.

    If the problem still persists, you'll need to do some port forwarding, i believe.

    The ports you need to open are:

    * TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
    * UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658, 10070, and 50100

    Here's a detailed Port forwarding guide that should guide you in how to open these ports; Port Forwarding Guide- Lyn's 3rd post is what you need to be reading through...:)
  • I have a problem, lol and I need this sites folks godly advice lol. Well I got my Cable Modem hooked up to my PS3 via Ethernet. First couple of days this worked perfectly, but now the PS3 Wont even connect to the network for some reason. It just fails at "Obtaining IP Address" . . Would buying a Wired Cable Router solve this problem?
  • A router would possibly help, Asbal- using one would avoid having to do the cable switch back and forth when going between the PC and the PS3. Just a few little tweaks in the settings (most of which have been covered in the threads here) and you would be good to go.

    As mentioned before in other threads, i would recommend using a router either D-Link. They are reasonably priced and somewhat more straightforward for configuring.
  • But the modem is not connected to a PC. Its for the PS3 and PS3 only, which tweaks do you mean?

    Thanks for the reply by the way

    Im looking at having a wired solution, so would this do the trick?

    Netgear RP614 Broadband Router incorporating 4 port 10/100 Switch - Ebuyer
  • That router definitely would not "do the trick" if you wanted to go wirelessly- it does not use either of the wireless standards that the PS3 uses. If going for an ethernet connection, then you should be ok. One thing to remember is you will most likely have to do some configuring in the router settings itself to get things running smoothly. In most cases this is done through the web browser on the PC- you should be able to connect via the PS3's web browser when needing to do this. The instructions will be included with the router for how to get there.
  • Yeah I dont wanna go wirelessly lol. Currently I got my Modem plugged straight into the PS3 and it just stopped working.. Im just stuck. Tried everything from doing power cycles to inputting everything manually. It just doesnt wanna find the IP Address.. So would that router do it for me if I wanted a wired solution?
  • Yep, it should. Like I mentioned, you would have to do some set up on the router itself such as your net provider details (type, log on details if any, etc.) as well as some custom settings like port forwarding and maybe even setting up a reserved IP for the PS3.
  • Thank you very much Lyndon M. Im just curious to know, why does it not work right now? And that router there, how would I connect it up with the PS3? Would it be Ethernet from Modem, to that Router, and then Ethernet from that to PS3? Well what I did try was, I have an ADSL Belkin N1 Router here, I plugged that via Ethernet to the Modem, and then from the Belkin to PS3, it passed the Obtaining IP Address but failed the internet connection, is that because its a Cable Modem connected with an ADSL One?

    Thanks again Lyndon
  • The out from the modem would connect to the WAN port on the router, then an ethernet cable from the LAN ports would go to the PS3.

    If it is giving the "failed internet connection" you may need to go into the router settings and do the port forwarding I mentioned earlier. You'll find the ports needed in among some of the other threads in this section- I've listed them several times. You'll then have to go into the router settings via your PS3's web browser to make the adjustments. If you aren't sure exactly how it's done head over to Port Forward- you should be able to find the instructions there.
  • okay cheers Lyndon. What do you mean by the "out from the modem" ? Its a Coxial wire by Virgin Media (ex NTL) Cable it like screws into the back of my Modem rather than it plugging in
  • You have the other cable going from the modem to the PS3- this one goes to the router and then another cable from the router to the PS3.
  • I dont understand. So what will me Coxial wire plug into? Thats the main bit of my internet like an ADSL port, I have a Coxial wire. I take it that will still plug into my Modem?

    However, I do not understand why it does not work right now with my PS3 plugged straight into the Modem by Ethernet, when the Modem is not plugged into anything else but the PS3?? Even though it worked 2 days previously
  • Yes, the coax stays connected to the input of the modem- that bit doesn't change. However, the ethernet cable that is going to the PS3 from the modem will now plug into the router input instead.

    As for why it isn't working directly you may need to check with your internet provider- they may have changed something like the IP address the PS3 gets.
  • okay I tried this with an ADSL Router. I plugged from the Modem to the Router. From Router to PS3. But this time it wouldnt let me connect to the internet instead, but it past the bit that said "Obtaining IP" why is this?
  • Is that because I used a Cable Modem and plugged it into a ADSL Router?
  • As i explained before, you may have to go into the router settings and do some changes in areas like port forwarding. I linked to a site a few posts up that will give instructions (along with pics) to show how this is done with a wide variety of routers. A quick forum search in this section for "port forwarding" should turn up some of the posts where i listed the ports needed.

    It isn't because of mixing modem and router types- the majority of routers handle both. The ports used by the PlayStation Network are sometimes closed by default and need to be opened by adjusting settings in the router
  • okay, the ADSL Router that I said I plugged in, just to test, already has the correct ports open. So how come that did not work?
  • Asbal, you may want to scrap using the router and contact your ISP about this- they may have made some changes to their systems which wound up changing what your settings should be in regards to the DNS servers or other aspect on the PS3.
  • What shall I ask them?
  • Tell them the truth- you are having connection problems with the PS3 and want to confirm the settings being used.
  • Well I ordered that router 2 days ago now. So i'll see how that goes first, if that dont work i'll return it and ring up my ISP. Cheers Lyndon.
  • Ok, I have the DNS error, which says "This is a DNS error. (80710101)"

    I have AOL Broadband, so I connect my Modem directly to the PS3. I have tried resetting the modem connection, turning it off and on etc, but it has not worked. My PS3 manages to find the IP address, its just the DNS thats the problem.

    Please can you help as the main reason I bought the PS3 was to play Call Of Duty 4 Online, and now I can't :( .

    Thanks, Law
  • Are you sure your network settings are all correct, There's likely a fault with the DNS Server numbers you're PS3 has.

    Go to Run>CMD>IPConfig on your PC to find out the exact DNS Numbers. Enter THESE in the PS3.
  • Okso i contacted AOL directly, because I couldn't get the DNS on my computer, so I gave AOL a ring for the DNS numbers, but the guy on the phone said that I couldn't connect wirelessly (Even though you should be able to) he rang his supervisor and he said that there isn't anything they could do, but to ring PlayStation3 helpline...So I will ring them tomorrow morning.

    Maybe it is my modem, I have had it for...about a year, year and a half, maybe its too old. Its the BT Voyager 190 ADSL one. I can't think of much else...

    I've tried creating a wireless connection from my computer, but all the WLAN adapters I have bought don't work on my Windows Vista. :mad:
  • Ok so I bought another WiFi USB that is compatible with Vista (, however I have another problem...*sigh* I can't use it to transmit a signal, it says its not connected, then when I diagnose the problem it says....

    Heres what a picture of what I mentioned earlier, that it doesn't connect, but it notices that it is there!


    I've tried sharing a connection by clicking on the LAN network, selecting properties and then clicking on the shared connection bit but it says theres an error. I've tried bridging a connection between LAN and Wireless but nothing.

    Can someone help?
  • Law, you may want to try the simpler solution and get a basic wireless router- they can be a lot easier to set up than messing with Windows to set up connection sharing.
  • hey I have a annoying problem everytime I reset my modem for PS3 it boots me from computer then I Have to do same for PS3 i never had this problem before why is this happening I always have to reset it to get back online for both my computer & PS3
  • Admiral, that's due to just going with a direct connection to the modem. You need to power it down every time you switch back and forth to free up the IP address your internet provider gives. get yourself a router to share the connection between the two and save some effort with the swaps. ;)
  • i know this problem you have a login just need to open up your browser page from your ps3 and your network login page would appear .type the username and password which you do on your pc.hope this works
  • i just bought a ps3 2nd one in two days as the first one failed to read disks.
    But this one wont connect to the internet. the first one did fine.
    it finds the IP but then fails connection, wouldnt bother me so much but i wanna play little big planet and it says it needs a system update from the internet (why its not on the disk i dont know)
    I have a speedtouch router which was sent to me by aol. I've tried all the fixes in this forum but none have helped can anyone help me here.
    Thanks for your time
  • If the various solutions listed here do not help, Stacey, you may need to contact Sony to see what else they can suggest (and maybe AOL as well as they supplied the router).
  • Thankfully it connected to the internet first try today, after speaking to sony who said contact aol and then aol, who said there was nothing they can do!!
    i think the playstation just needed to be off for a while to get the new router settings after i'd changed them, but its working perfectly today
  • I have not gotten it to work by wire either, and that is what is funny (or not funny at all) because i have had to deal with wireless, and have had to get nat type 2 to play gta4 racing online. Anyways, yes its a pain mine works wireless and have nat typ 2, but the ps3 wireless is crappy, and i have 8 gbps internet and a 2.2 gbps router so i should be cake walking.

    What the case is here obviously, besides ps3 networking being bad from the get go, is that an onboard wireless device is usually cheap, like in laptops. apparently this one in the ps3 is no better.

    Anyways, i hop eyou guys can get it to work wired cause i cant :(
  • Stinger, you may want to check some of the other threads where i have given suggestions on setting tweaks within the router. Even going wired you should add your PS3's MAC Address to the "allowed" list and make sure you have DHCP enabled. If your router allows it, set a specific IP address aside just for the PS3 using that same MAC Address. Port forwarding is also a must- they are listed in the pinned thread at the top of this section.
  • I need some help!

    I live on campus apartments at my college. am using an Ethernet cable that comes from the wall and into my PS3. I manually enter ALL of my information yet I just can't connect. I registered my MAC address with my ISP too. I get an error code for a DNS error: 80710102...My ISP said they don't know what is wrong and that some people can get them online but they don't know why mine isn't.

    I got my information from viewing my internet info on my computer. That didn't work. I also found information on my PS3 and used that info and it still didn't work... I am completely lost and any help would be great.
  • Usually that error comes from not having the DNS addresses match up with what your ISP says. Doublecheck with them on the proper numbers.

    Also, you may run into trouble with the campus network as these are usually buttoned down tight in regards to the ports that are allowed to be open. You may be running into certain ones being closed that need to be open.
  • This may sound dumb but I just want to double check everything. How should I go about finding the numbers and double checking them? They definitely match up from what I see on my comp. Also, they said they don't block anything:(
  • You should ask your providers about the DNS servers, it's possible the computer brought up different numbers than you need.
  • Hey guys. Having similar problems here...Let me give you my internet connection settings

    Network Device:Auto-Detect
    IP Address Setting:Manual (All numbers correct)
    Proxy Server: Do not use

    I receive the same DNS error posted here several times...though have tried everything short of buying the router, which i dont want to have to do. Help?
  • i am having the same problem. can any one help me PLEASE?
    im getting the dns error.
    up address succeded but internet connection failed.
    says and error occurred during communication with the server. this is a DNS error (80710102)
    my connection is wired.
    my laptops are using the same router as my ps3 and the internet on them works fine. suggestions?

    does anyone have any sollutions
  • Ok I have clearwire and I can have it wireless or wired to my playststion 3 with full signal strength and than online I only get one bar. Why?
  • Part of it might be the distance between you and the people you are joining up with. Lag plays a big part in most games so if you can, try joining with people closer to home.

    You might also want to try checking your router settings, it's possible some tweaks in the port forwarding may improve things.
  • Ok how do I do that with a linksys wrt150n?
  • Go to the thread pinned to the top of this section- I listed the ports needed for the Playstation network there along with a link to a site that guides on how to get to where you enter them. You may also want to read the manual file a bit that comes on the CD with the router.
  • ok soo...i have an problem with the DNS error...i have a MAC and ethernet cable no modem no nothing...CAn U Please Help me..dunno what to do...
  • :frown: I have Dial up AOL and while using Aol my phone line is disabled, yet I tried with my DSL Modem (Qwest) to connect my ps3 on internet with cable. But my question is do I need two ethernet cables or do you recommend me? I tried almost everything and no solution. I also get a DNS error and time-out. Can I get Ps3 internet by connecting my ethernet cable from pc to ps3. I also connected wireless but then canceled my wireless internet because did no help. Can you please help me if possible?
    --Newest update
    --DNS Error
  • hi everyone. i am on a wired connection. my ps3 is connected via utp cable to a switch hub that is in turn connected to the modem. my problem is i am getting nat3. i have already opened the ports that was stated here. i am using a prolink adsl+ modem/router. firewall is already disabled but still nat 3. help me please. i really need to get nat1. i have no problem while downloading from psn and browsing, i just get dropped from games a lot. help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You won't get NAT1, that is for a direct connection to the modem. However, a quick reboot of the router should have your connection showing NAT2, which will reflect your having the ports open and let the traffic through.
  • oh man, now it says internet connection failed=( dns error of some sort. but i can sign in to my psn account. what seems to be the problem? can you send me a detailed how-to with if you were using a modem like mine?
  • To clear up the DNS issue you may need to add the your DNS server addresses to the PS3's connection settings- you can find these in the router settings.
  • hey bro my dns is already okay. but still getting my use of a switch hub the reason why its nat3?is it possible to get a wireless router and connect to the hub?the modem is in another room and the only way i can get internet into my room is using hub. i am asking this as i can't buy a wireless router without first checking if it works because in my country routers are still expensive. its like this: ROOM1 has my PC and the modem,i used hub in ROOM1 and connected a utp cable from ROOM1 to ROOM2(ROOM2 is where my PS3 is located.)both rooms are separated by walls. I can't put the router in ROOM1 because the signal cant penetrate the wall. so i am thinking of getting a wireless router(assuming ill get nat2 by doing that) and put the wireless router in ROOM2, in turn the wireless router will be connected via utp cable to the hub in ROOM1? i hope you can picture it out thanks a lot!!
  • You would be better served to replace the hub with a router- one thing about hubs is they divide the bandwidth into equal parts depending on how many devices are hooked up (two devices, each gets half, for example) while routers allow each to have full speed. You would then be able to tweak settings in that router to get you online still with the wired connection.

    The hub itself would not be the cause of NAT 3, there's nothing in them to adjust. It may be something your ISP itself is doing, you may want to contact them as well about their service to you.
  • so what you are saying is ill replace the hub with a router?and connect a utp cable from my ps3 to the router?PS3-router-modem?my modem is a prolink adsl modem/router, is it okay for double router?wont i still get nat 3 because it is being double firewalled?
  • You can disable the firewall altogether in the router that replaces the hub or, maybe the better solution, disable the router function of the combo and use the one main router to share the connection. Go from the modem to the router to your PC and PS3. Would just need a longer bit of ethernet cable. After adjusting settings for port forwarding in the new router you should be able to get online with no problem.

    If still having problems with the router/ modem your provider gave you may want to contact their customer service and they can give some tips on what else to adjust in it
  • thanks bro!!ill try it have been very helpful thanks=)
  • Is this thread still open? Well...I finally got my buy ever!! But before going with my internet issues I have one question.
    I got my Internet service from my cable operator...they installed a modem with an Ethernet out-cable which goes to my computer...Does this cable go to the PS3? I already tried but failed miserably...I read the threads and tonight I'm going manual with everything but my problem might be that this cable is not even the right one. To me it doesn't make sense to plug a router to my modem...Which info should I take from my PC and the network settings? I'm gonna do the switch off modem thing...thanx for your time.
  • Actually, using a router makes more sense than switching the modem off every time you want to swap a cable around to get one or the other online. This way you have both online at once (quite handy if you run across a trouble spot in a game and want to post about it right away ;) ). I recommend using a router any day over swapping out.

    The ethernet cable that goes from the modem to the computer is the one to switch to the PS3. As for what information to use, the main ones will be the DNS servers and the default gateway IP address as well as subnet mask.
  • I am using a wired connection directly from the wall from my apartment internet service provider. i have enterred all the information manually but i am continually getting the successful obtaining of ip adress but a failed internet connection with the error 80028E06. I have read all the previous posts but none have really told me how to deal with this problem with a direct wired connection with no router involved. What do i do?
  • You'll need to talk to whoever handles your building's internet, buz. Most likely he'll have to tweak some settings on his end to let you through.
  • im using a wired connection and i keep getting the dns Error 80710102
    i put everything in manually and tried resetting the modem but it still wont work. Please help!!
  • Alright, normally I wouldn't bother anyone with my issues with the PS3, but recently it's been extremely bothersome. When I'm at home I can mess with the router, and change the IP address to match with the PS3, or I change the WEP key and the PS3 connection will run smoothly. However, since I've gone back to college, I've managed to connect online and sign into the playstation network, but I cannot connect to any of the Multiplayer features of the games. Usually it just takes forever and acts like its loading the multiplayer, or kicks me off the PS3 network with an error message.

    Network Device:Auto-Detect
    IP Address Setting:Manual (All numbers correct)
    Proxy Server: Do not use
    UPnP: Not available

    I'm not sure if its something with UPnP. Also, I don't have a router, just a ethernet cable that connects to a switch then to the ethernet jack in the wall.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, a lot of the times, the NAT type fails, or I get the error 80710102 when it does try to load up multiplayer
  • It's nothing to do with what you are doing, HansPatrick- it's the network you're tapping into. School networks are normally pretty shut down in regards to things like the ports that are allowed to be open. Turns out the majority of ports the PS3 needs for the multiplayer action they usually have closed. Only possible solution may be to talk to the people that maintain that network to see if they can set something up in regards to "white listing" your PS3.
  • Thank you very much, I'm just sad I will never get to play CoD MW2 online ;;
  • As I have read a great portion of the blogs from this site which have helped various connection issues I hope my questions won't disappoint. Since purchasing a PS3 I have been unable to receive any wired or wireless connections. I have tried to reconfigure my router to the specifications in this blog for both wired and wireless connections. I have turned off my router and modem for 2 minutes, removed all cables from computer, waited until the router and modem dropped the internet protocol. I hooked up the cables to from the PS3 directly to the modem. After this process I still can't access the internet or playstation store.

    Next I hooked the wireless router back up and I manually inputed the Ip address, subnet mask, default gateway, Primary and secondary DNS. I opened up the following ports
    * TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
    * UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658, 10070, and 50100
    I also added the DHCP client list for the ps3 for both IP and MAC. Next I added a firewall access rule for the PS3's mac address. As far as I can tell I have done everything both wired and wirelessly for the PS3 to work, but so far no joy. Any suggestions you have for both wired or wireless would be very helpful.

    Thanks in advance
  • Only other suggestion I can think of is see if there is a firmware update for the router itself. Sometimes a little thing like that will get the router and PS3 to play nice with each other.
  • Hi, quick question. I got a ps3 yesterday, set it up, and I'm using a wireless router modem for my internet. I get the 'connection timed out' message whenever i try to test my connection, so i cant get any system updates, let alone game updates, can't go on the psn, cant get an account, nothing. the really stupid thing is, i can use the web browser fine. I'm watching a youtube video on my ps3 right now as i type this. Its just really frustrating cause I don't see why it's not working when it really should. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And just a side note, where my ps3 is set up, I can't actually physically use a wired connection, I can't move the ps3 or anything, so that's not an option.
  • Head up to about post 28 in this thread, thatguy. You'll need to do some port forwarding in your router settings. Rob C has the ports listed as well as a site link that guides on applying those links to just about every router being used today.
  • ok I read through the port forwarding guide, but when it came to actually changing those settings in the router settings, I couldn't find many, if any of them. I'm using a D-link DSL-G604T wireless ADSL router, and it looks completely different to the pictures in the port forwarding guide. There's a DHCP settings tab but that looks completely different and has completely different options to that, and there's no port forwarding tab at all. Sorry, this probably seems really stupid of me but its completely different. I could probably try posting a screenie if it would help. Don't know if it would though.
  • The port forwarding would be in the Advanced section of the router. Once you click the Advanced tab you should see the Port Forwarding button along the left side of the screen, around second from the top.

    Click on the button for User and then hit the Add button. This will take you to the page that lets you add the ports. Add each one, hitting Apply each time, until all are in. With the ports that show a sequence (the TCP 10070-10080) put the low end number in the start blank and the higher number in the other. For the single ports put the same number in both blanks.

    Once you have them all in you may need to give your router a reboot. You can find the manual for your router here if you have any problems. It describes the port forwarding on page 46.
  • ok this is kinda frustrating, because I don't actually have that page. I looked in the actual physical manual for the router that it came with, and it said the default IP address was So I used that address, it sent me to a settings menu type thing similar to the one pictured in that manual, but slightly different (minus the setup tab up the top, and completely missing any port forwarding tab/s down the left side in any of the top tabs). I tried getting to the IP address in that manual (, and the page simply wouldn't load/I got "internet explorer cannot display the webpage" message. For some reason the page I can get at with the router settings looks very similar but has less options, and a distinct lack of anything even resembling port forwarding. It's really quite frustrating when I've got contradicting information about the same stupid router lol.
  • Not much more I can do to help, that is the manual I found via a search for the exact model number you gave up above. You should also be able to find a manual on the disc that came with the router, it may be closer to what you actually have.
  • Hi, I have the same Problem dosnt let my sing in!

    an error ocurred.You have been signed out of PlaystationNetwork.

    & when I do a Connection Test the internet connection is Succeded but the PS Network is Failed! =/

    what should I do?
  • Firts of all sorry for my bad english!

    If you have win xp and you have 2 ethernet plug on your pc i tell you how can set your ps3 to have internet connection your pc and your ps3 at the same time. Without a router!

    See my pictures below.
    ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
  • Hey I have a feeling this good be user error and go with me on this cuz im not exactly video game savvy yet. But im having a connection problem im using my ethernet plug from the wall and not getting anything to the playstation3 i just purchased today. All it says when i try the test or to connect is "Attempt to obtain IP address timed out". Im not exactly sure what would help because the jack works fine to my labtop. Any help would be appreciated.

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