psp will not run umd
  • hi ps network,

    my psp seems to be running all of it's functions but the most important one the umd, as the psp does recognise any umd.

    look forward to hearing of apossible solution.

  • You may have to contact Sony's tect support on this one, Geoffrey. If it's not seeing any of the UMDs you are putting in it is either the laser has malfunctioned or the small plastic switch that gets pushed in to let the system know there is a UMD in there is busted. Either way, it will require repairs.
  • If your psp, or ps3 console is under 12 month old, give sony entertainment europe a ring, let them know the problem & they will replace it with a new machine within 24 hrs. What a service. I've had 2 ps3's & a psp replaced like this & cannot fault sony for their customer after care. Give 'em a ring that man, i say, give 'em a ring.