RFoM Black Ops
  • Hi everyone, was wondreing if anyone had a full picture of the black ops skin from the character screen on RFoM. I'm wanting a tattoo of it but can't find a decent enough pic. PLEASE HELP!!!
    Cheers Wizzboy
  • i adv not to get a tatoo of that
  • Y not????????????
  • I'm after a decent pic not advice thanx all the same.
  • ill try mate .......
  • Cheers. The type of pic i'm after is, like the one on the character screen, but the full guy head to foot. Hard to find i know i'm tryin.

  • Best i was able to find is this pic (Google Image search does a decent job). It's not quite head-to-toe but it may be the best that can be found. The pic may be a bit on the large side if you're on dial up.