• how do u send an invite to a friend in friend match in Soul Calibur 4?:(
  • Is there not an invites menu online somewhere...? I'm not entirely sure but inviting people via the XMB may also work, if you want to try...?
  • this might come as a shock, but what's a XMB?
  • XMB is short form for XrossMediaBar- aka the PS3's main menu.
  • ok, when i'm in playstation network in Soul Calibur 4, i press the ps button on the controller and go to friends in the xmb, press the triangle button on the friend of choice and select create message. IS THIS HOW IT"S DONE? IF SO, I'VE TRIED IT AND IT DIDN'T WORK. OR WHAT SHOULD I TEXT, IF I'M TEXTING THE WRONG THING?
  • First set up a player match. Then, hit triangle to bring up the invites.
  • When I enter playstation network on Soul Calibur 4, and enter friend match, a black screen comes up saying "There are no messages" and I can't do anything except go back to the playstation network menu in SC4( when i press triangle nothing happens and when i press the ps button i cannot go to ps3's menu the only option given is O buttun to exit).
  • I know u guys are probably annoyed that I`m just not getting this, but this is not a joke, I really need help with this, PLEASE HELP, ANSWER THIS POST SOON PLEASE!!!!!!!
  • Here you go, Joel, directly from the support prople of Namco Bandai themselves (sent a request in to them last night):

    Select Playstation Network and select either Standard Versus or Special Versus. Select Player Match and select Create Match. Make sure to set the amount of private slots needed for your friends. After you've done that, you'll see a button prompt (Triangle button) on screen for inviting Friends.
  • Thank you very much, the problem is i was using friend match instead of player match to send the invite. thank you very much guys and may god bless!