• r these games ever gonna come out
  • FF XIII is coming out in 2009- no specific date as of yet. As for Lunar 3, that was supposed to be on the PS2 years back but was eventually cancelled due to internal problems at the developers. Nothing has been said since about it.

    As for your other thread regarding Star Ocean 4, it's in 2009 as well- nothing more specific than that right now.
  • Some parts of FFXIII are 80% complete so it's looking good for a 2009 release date here.
  • what does everybody think about this game going multiplatform, cause i know it really pisses me off.SQUARE should of stayed w/ sony only.now there helping the xbox to even though its coming out just for the ps3 in japan.lets hear some opinions or facts.
  • There was a bit of discussion about that in the PlayStation Discussion forums here.

    Honestly, I don't think they had a choice considering the number of installed systems and the rising development costs. There are not nearly as many PS3s out there as there were PS2s when it was the main system. That plus the amount of money/ time put into the game pretty much necessitated going multiplatform with it.
  • they definetely didnt need to go multiplatform w/ this game everyone who has a ps3 would buy it and a lot of people would buy the system just to get it i know a lot people that had 360 that were gonna buy the ps3 just for that game.
  • You're looking at things through fanboy-tinted glasses, dancer.

    First off, not "everyone" would buy it- not all people are RPG gamers. Back in the PS2 days there was a clear-cut winner in the "console war", the PS2, so the decision to be exclusive was an easy one to make. Times have changed now and the gap between the PS3 and 360 is not nearly as big for install base. Couple that with rising salaries, advertising and overall cost to make a game of that level of quality and companies don't really have much choice.

    These days the only true exclusives you will see any more are those published by the console manufacturer- owned studios.
  • I'm dissappointed but i understand why SE had to do it. The game has been optimized for the PS3 and will then be ported over to the 360, so that eases the pain a little...;)
  • i'm seeing more information come up online about lunar 3 fragments of the past not sure if this is a game that they intend to make for home consoles