• hi i wonder if anyone can help, my son has a ps3 and we are having trouble getting him on line, we have never had a problem before but now i have had to set up connection again but this time its asking me for..IP SET,SET DHCP HOST NAME,DNS SETTINGS,MTU,PROXY SERVER AND UPNP, this has never come up before so why has it now??? does anyone have a clue what i can do
  • Sounds like you went into all the manual settings instead of automatic. If you want to try going the simple way just go back to the start and select "automatic" - it should attempt to get the settings directly from your router or ISP (depending on your hookup).

    Honestly, the PS3 seems to do better when as much information as possible is laid out in the settings. IP Set is the IP address that would be assigned to the PS3 every time. You can reserve this in your router settings (if you have a router sharing the connection). The other info can also be found within the router settings.
  • hi lyndon i am trying to set it up automatically but i am still having the same problems when i test the connection i does not seem to find my ip address even if i put that in manually
  • Quick question, Julie- is your connection directly to the modem or are you using a router to share the connection?
  • Are you wireless???