Bikes On Burnout
  • ive just started playing burnout again and ive been using the bikes,i think there great to use and the graphics of them are top notch.
    well impressed to say there were free,the only thing that bothers me is the lack of things really to do with them.
    it seems all you can do i just race round i thought you would have been able to do some stunts with them at least,but it does make a change from the cars i surpose and they were free so i shouldnt really complain :D
    just one other thing that i find rather annoying is the night mode you cant see a thing :o .
  • I find the bikes are a great add-on.The only thing that ticks me off is I restarted the game for the trophies. 178 hours down the drain !! The bikes are easier to get the timed runs than the cars are by far, so it was fairly easy to get the roads done quickly. As far as less things to do with bikes, showtime and road rage wouldn't really make much sense on two wheels.