Game Consoles
  • What's your favorite game console? Mine's the Nintendo Wii
  • Has to be the PS3. It is just simply brilliant- and there's so much more to come.

    Close 2nd, 3rd and 4th would be the PS1, PS2 and N64 (back in the day).
  • i agree with the ps3:D
  • im going to say wii because I'm yet to play a ps3:o
  • N64 yo, which isnt a choice X(
  • Sorry I forgot, I should have added an "other"
  • ps3 because you can play ps1 and 2 games on it anyway ?
    suprised not to see the dream cast, xbox and the 360
  • I heard that you can only play ps3 games on it. But I don't have one so i'm not exacly sure.
  • you can play ps2 games on all ps3s made in 2007

    but not ps3s made this year

    i think thats right anyway
  • no
    20 gig you can play 1,2&3
    40 gig you can play 2&3
    60 gig and above 1,2&3
  • To make this a bit easier to figure out I'm going to list things in the order they were released:

    North American 20 GB, 60 GB- plays all 3 formats (had the PS2 chipset inside)
    UK 60 GB, original 80 GB North American- plays all 3 formats (emulation software for PS2)
    40 GB, newer 80 GB (post- mgs4 bundle, both regions)- plays PSOne and PS3 games, PS2 emulator removed.

    Getting back to the poll, the best console to me was the original NES/ Famicom- it had every game one would want to play at the time.
  • yea thats it.

  • Thanks to whoever put the "other" on the poll;)
  • without a doubt it's got to be the PS3,best console ever.:D
  • the Wii!!!!

    But we dont have a PS3 yet!
  • I love the Wii because it makes exersising fun!!!
  • PS3 no doubt cuz the grafic is amazing (don't know how to write grafic youknow) yeah i kinda liked the games of it like the new game midnight club 4 and the oncoming resident evil 5 and silent hill:home coming and there is GTA iv
    and yeah i was not in the site for i while cuz the router screwed up you know the DNS.....but yeah it's an great to come back
  • i love my ps3 its an 80 gig and it plays all three gens so i guess you could say the playstation (in general) is my fave console
  • Sort of split with the lot. Even though there's a PS3 & a Wii hooked up I'm still playing old PS1 titles like Resident Evil & on the Wii there's Rolling Thunder & Splatter house that the MD/Genesis & PC Engine had.

    I'm going for PS1 & PSP for top spot, then Wii, PS3, DS & my retro stuff
  • Everyone's on the PS3, well I chose PS2. Only one I got. :P

    But seriously, it's a nice console. Sleek build and good graphics.
  • My vote was for "Other".

    IMHO, there was no better console than the original NES. The game catalog was tremendous, and although very lacking in graphics compared to today's new breed of consoles, the NES and the many games available for it had a very high replay value.

    Although I am ticked to death with the emergence of the superior graphics on today's consoles, I view games the same way as I do movies: The best SFX & graphics can not replace a lousy game/storyline.

    The graphics available today are indeed far superior...thankfully many of the games also are equally decent when paired with the new technologies.

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