• hey experts i think i've missed up with the new firmware ver 5.00
    i've just downloaded it and when i wanted to update the psp it says................. 500.PBP...incorrect file
    why is that????????
    i really need to update it
  • Did you download that file from another site and put it on the memory stick, NOB? You may want to just use the PSP's own system update if you did.
  • no i did'nt download it.....i've went to the network update icon and started to download and there the problem started.......
  • In that case, i would say go to one of the official Sony sites and download the firmware update to your computer. The instructions will be there as to what folder to transfer the file into to properly install.
  • but........where do i put the firmware folder...i mean what folder?

    you mean i have to use the PC to downlaod it not the PSP?
  • Like I said, the full instructions on where on the PSP to put the firmware download will be at the site. Download it onto your computer (making sure to put it some place you will remember) then follow the instructions on the Sony site to get that file into the right place on the memory stick.
  • ok then......thanks lyn....
  • Sorry lyn but.....it still don't work

    when i wanna start the update it says.........in the background
    PSP software ver 5.00


    but in the front:

    the data is corrubted

    i don't know why but i've downloaded it from sony's site
  • Sounds like your connection may be the problem- it may have lost some of the data, making for the corrupted file. You may need to tweak your connections a bit or maybe see if a friend has better luck getting it on their PC.
  • you mean i should try to ask a friend to download it and get it from him?
  • If you can't get your own connection to work in the meantime, yes- have a friend download the firmware update for you.
  • ok lyn i'm gonna try to download it again cuz...it appears that the problems the router disconnect it self from the internet....so the download can't be completed....so i'm trying again i'll see if it's gonna work this times
  • Hey lyn....i've successfully downloaded the firmware 5.01 and i've updated the PSP but games don't work
  • If these are the same games you were telling me about before, they won't. You'll need the actual UMD disc or purchase the ones available from the PlayStation Store.
  • you mean i have to purchase the same games that i have on the memory stick?
  • If said games on the stick are via the store you told me about before then yes, you would need to purchase the games elsewhere to either get the actual disc of the game or the downloadables that are available from Sony's PlayStation Store.
  • ok but
    is the games are full or just demos
    and is it free?
  • i can't download 5.00 i have psp 1001
  • hey my friend has play station network on his psp , i mean like you now the music the video then game icons he has a play station network as an icon
  • i cant download any
  • Have you been trying to do it directly from the System Update in the Settings menu, ghd?

    Try grabbing the download from the Official North American page via your computer and save it somewhere you will remember. Then transfer the file onto your PSP's memory stick- they have a picture on the page that shows how the folders should be set up (keep in mind the folder names should be in all capital letters). You should then be able to run the update directly from the memory stick icon in the Game menu. They have since done a couple more minor updates since 5.00 now any way- it's up to 5.02 now.
  • ok.....lyn well.....what's 5.02 features?