• ok what are you favorite bands, guitarists etc


    Zakk Wylde


    Guns N' Roses (but from what i have herd i think i will hate the new album:huh:) what you you guy think of it?
    Iron maiden
    Led Zeppelin
    & Dream Theatre
  • ARG S!^T i did it again lol typo thing instead of think
  • will i gotta say i'm a great fan of linkin park band they're very amazing
    but i don't think i can recenize the guitarists by the songs

    but i still can say junkie xl
    ok the here is the details:


    junkie xl(i think he is a guitarist)


    linkin park(the top in my bands list)
    terror squad(not that much)
    eminem(the second in the list)
  • I'm a big fan of trance music chill out things of that nature
    one of my favourite artists has got to be nitin sawhney saw him live staurday night unbelivable very talented bloke.
    kosheen is another group i really like also fantastic live and last but not least DURAN DURAN :D
  • yeh kosheen are the dogs, if you like that check out northern exposure by saha and john digweed.
  • Guitarists

    Steve Vai
    Jimmy Hendrix
    Nigel Tuffnel

    Bands (eclectic to say the least)

    Depeche Mode
    Violent Femmes
    Frank Zappa
    808 State
    Ice Cube (i know. not a band!)
    Cypress Hill
  • you asking me? just look at my avatar. lol