Fifa 2009 Multiplayer problems
  • When im playing multiplayer not online, the game crashes, i swapped the disc and it still happens, is there any fixes availale
  • First I've heard of this happening, to be honest- if it was a more widespread problem EA would have said something.

    Only thing I can say to try on your own is delete any data the game put onto the drive in the game data folder (your save in the game saves should be ok) and let the disc re-install what data it does. You may have to give EA a call and see if they know about the problem.
  • I have the same problem, the GAME only CRASHES in MULTIPLAYER. I've tried to delete memory and something like that...

    Can some one help? please
  • As i mentioned above, the problem is within the game itself. You'll need to contact EA about a possible fix- this may be a problem they didn't iron out before release.
  • I also now have this problem, however I have had the game from release date and it had been working fine in offline multiplayer with zero problems.
    I only started noticing this error when I downloaded the latest Playstation 3 system update.

    Could this be the source of the problem? If so how do I fix it?
  • Have you tried re-installing the game data, lagantech?
  • I'm having the same problem, whether I play me & a friend vs somebody online, or me vs a friend, basically whenever 2 controllers are trying to play.

    The mode always goes to Ultra-Defensive and within a few seconds the game crashes. I hold the PS button and click "Quit Game" and it re-starts the system.


    Any ideas?
  • It might be best to contact Konami about this one. Sounds like a pretty serious glitch of some kind.
  • just bought game and cant play against my mate go into a room together and cant start a game it doesnt ready itself any help please
  • I have the exact same problem and whilst I have had the game for since christmas it has only started to do this in the last month. Has anyone manage to fix it yet?