PS3 update crash problem
  • Hi All,
    My nephew was updating his PS3 about 3 months ago, not sure what version, anyhoo, it's out of warranty and the screen froze in the middle of this update and now his ps3 doesn't display, I've spent all night looking around the net for a fix but to with no result, spent an hour searching this site aswell, but can't find a fix. I now have a better feel of the problem, but obviously with no display can't re-do an upgrade because I can't see the menu's. Is there anyway of updating without display. I have downloaded and installed the latest update frpm the official sony ps3 site onto a memory stick in
    PS3/UPDATE folder and have tried the conroller connected via usb and turning on holding select and start together, but the update will not load. The ps3 turns on takes discs and spins them and the green light on the front is solid, Iv'e done a reset holding the on/off switch and waiting for the beeps to reset the display settings to default and tried using hdmi and composite but this doesn't display either, now I'm at the end of my knowledge and research, if anyone has any suggestions to help I would be very greatfull.
    Thanks in advance.
  • The console has been bricked due to the turning off of the system suring a firmware update. In regards to a fix there is nothing that can be done i'm afraid. As you are out of warranty, the only thing you can do is to actually buy a new system.