Playstation Network error
  • I recently got COD WAW after liking COD4 and I can't play on it. For the last couple of days I have not been able to go the online, which was the main reason I got the game. If I do sign in, when I try to go online it downloads game settings for about 10 minutes then once that is done i go on find game and then it downloads game settings for ages. Once it eventually works i search for a game and it sets up game forever, then signs me out of the Playstation network. If I go onto the connection test and I get my IP address as succesful but when it is says playstation network it fails, what can I do to repair this so I can play on COD.
  • There's not much that can be done, really- most of it is problems on Activision's side.
  • Try giving your router a quick power cycle,djl. And make sure you have all of the necessary ports opened for your PS3; refer to the pinned thread in this section.