Tiger Woods 09 transfer profile
  • Hello, really hope you guys got a solution to this problem
    I have a PS3 and play Tiger woods 09 and would like to
    take my profile and download it on my brother's PS3 without
    erasing is profile.
    Basicly use my profile and his on the same PS3
    Thanks a lot guys
  • Simply put a USB thumbstick into your PS3's USB port and copy your Tiger Woods 09 profile onto that thumbstick. When at your brothers house, plug the thumbstick into his system and copy your profile from the thumbstick onto your brothers PS3's HDD. You should then have both profiles available on his system...:)
  • THX for your time
    But it doesn't work that way
    1- from my PS3 download my profile to usb ( works )
    2-to brothers PS3 download my profile ( not working )
    because it ask me to overwrite and when I do so
    my brother profile is gone.
    and cant download without overwriting
    so please help
    and be specifique on your explaining
  • Does it not give you the option to NOT overwrite...?:confused:
  • Yes it does but then it doesn't download since you say
    ( do not overwrite ) it takes no action
  • I'm afraid it looks like it can't be done on one account then, felice. Sorry...:(
  • OK then
    Thanks for your help