I am stuck in a room with a motionless elf-type character sat at a wooden table. There are glass specimen cases around and I have been into the back and jumped on a bed and taken part in a dream sequence. I am now unable to get out of the room and back onto the street. The entrance door remains closed and the apparent exit in a room to the rear will not allow me to pass through.

    Can anyone help me to get out of here - its driving me mad!
  • That "elf-type" character is Osmo, the bug exterminator boss. You'll need to complete that first dream sequence (the matrix-like one) to progress forward. Once you do that go talk to Osmo and he'll let you know where to go next.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the prompt response - the dream sequence I have done is a karate/kung fu type game where you hit the appropriate key when the symbol on the floor lights up - I have scored 58 on this - there are no other dream sequences offered to me. WheI go back to Osmo he remains motionless. Do I need to score more than 58?
  • The karate sequence is based somewhat on the Neo vs Agent Smith bit from the Matrix movies. To get past it you need to defeat all of the "agents" before you lose all of your life bar. Only then will you be able to keep going. If memory serves there are 60 in all to beat.
  • Hi - thanks again for coming back to me. At present I have scored 64 and then lost my life bar - do you think that there are many more to kill to get through the sequence?
  • Sounds like you had more than met the requirements for the sequence- if, when you "woke up" you heard daxter say "I know kung fu?" then you had beat it. Head toward the entrance to the shop (it's on your right in the room where Osmo is) and you'll get the cutscene to the next step.
  • Hi again!

    Something seems to be wrong here. I have scored 95 in the dream sequence and won a bronze and silver cup. When Daxter wakes up he says nothing and when I go to Osmo he is motionless and soundless! If I go to the entrance door it is closed and whatever I do there is no movement. This is realy frustrating!
  • Strange. Could be a defective disk...? I suggest taking the game back to where you brought it and exchanging it for another copy. See if the problem still persists.
  • Help please!!! I am in a place with a honeycomb, and after you hit this "bulb" and kill the insects that come out three times a Huge insect flies down, and sticks his tale into it and does his thing. I have gotten to the point where I have hit him and made his life go down some, but I am COMPLETELY stuck as to what to do once he flips over and the tiny bugs come out of him and towards me. WHAT DO I DO?!!!! I've been here all weekend.
  • Covered that bit of the second Hive Queen battle here, Tregg.
  • Okay, now I am in the treasure room, and I see that there are sliding crates that I am supposed to get on once I get into the second room, but I can't figure out how to get onto the crates.
  • Are you sure you're not supposed to hover across between them...?
  • When you first come in to the treasure room there is a crate you can climb onto to your left. From here you can get on a platform running along the wall. Jump onto the moving crates to get to the second part of the treasure room.

    In here jump to the crate with the sprayer refill and keep going across the crates from this point. You will eventually see a cutscene where a crate goes through the floor. Jump down and after the cutscene here head past the Guardsmen locker room and onward to the final level of the game.
  • Okay, I have gotten as far as jumping on the first set of crates, but I don't see a second set of crates. It looks to me as that when I jump on the fourth crate and its time to do as you say and keep jumping across that I am just going back the way I came. What am I missing?
  • Look around once you get to the top and you should see a second stack of crates- if memory serves they will be to your left after you get to the top of the first stack.
  • You meant the moving crates, or do I need to go in one of the rooms first. And if I go into one of the rooms first, how do I even get to the top crate? They are too high for me to jump on.
  • There is a stack of normal crates that you can climb to the top of- from here there is a platform along the wall you can use to get to another stack. This is where you can jump onto the moving crates up near the ceiling.
  • Pleeeeeeeease Help. I have been stuck here for sometime. I am 64% finished with this game. I am in a room, and there are some crates in the room. The room leads to another room, but is separated by a hallway, and in the hallway is a guard pacing back and forth. No matter how I try to get by him while his back is turned, he ALWAYS ends up catching and shooting me. Help!
  • This is in the prison level, correct? Just trying to place for sure where you are.
  • Yes, it is the prison level. I have tried every which way that I can to get past him, and I cannot.
  • You should be able to sneak by him using the same techniquee as when you got past the guard at the zoomers- wait until just as he goes by then run past. When you get to the second guard grab the yellow key and head for the room on the left- there's an open vent under the bed to crawl through. It's all in the timing.
  • Okay, I can tell that I am really not going to like this level. I am at the top of a crawl space and there are now three guards walking around the columns in the circle. Any trick to getting past all three. I can't seem to find a way to get past without one of them catching me.
  • Wait till one passes you then walk behind him, be careful you don't get too close, till you see a yellow key. Grab the yellow key and walk in the room on the right. Climb under the bed to get through the shaft and into the next part of the level.
  • Okay, I have made it past all the prison guards, and have made it past the first area where the guy who has been giving the orders to get rid of Daxter has turned into a monster. I got out of that room, and now we are in another room with 3 bridges, and I have gotten to the point where I knock him unconscience and the beams fall down, but I don't know what to do once I get up by where he is lying down? Help, please? I always try to go over him and end up free falling to my death!
  • Shoot him in the face with the sonic blast. Three shots of this should finish things off and finish the game.
  • So, I don't even need to go up the columns? Just wait for them to come back together and shoot him again?
  • This is the final phase of the battle versus the Baron you are talking about isn't it?

    Dodge the one electric mine he fires at you then make your way to him and hit with the Sonic shot. When he falls into the barrels and stuff he will be pinned down long enough to get another shot right in the face. Three sessions like this and you win the game.