portable game players
  • yeah.....now this thread talks about portable player like PSP,Ipode,DVD players,nintendo DS...yeah those portable things that make you happy while you're in the car::::

    what's your fave portable player?

    1-PSP(that will be the best ;) )

    2-Ipode(or you can see ipode thouch)

    3-DVD player(normaly i choose A sony DVD player)

    4-nintendo DS

    5-Game Boy(heh a classic thingy)

    well as for me i choose the PSP
  • hello...i guess i'm posting to be a good member at the site...but it seems that no one cares...about my threads.....ain't it right????
  • I just stumbled across this poll...and I too am surprised that it has been idle for so long.

    I voted PSP. Even though I have a DS, and have had gameboys and other hand-helds in the past, I honestly think that the PSP is simply awesome! I would like to see the gaming catalog expanded a bit more (Gameboy still wins that honor), but overall I am very impressed at what this little power-house of a hand-held is capable of.

    Great poll by the way!
  • Whilst i agree that the PSP is the most powerful with the most potential, having bought one on launch day, i traded it in less than 6 months later due to lack of quality software. Sony just aren't pushing its capabilities.

    Things have improved but it still lags behind when it comes to the quantity of quality games, i plumped for the DS because of the innovative approach to games and quality of its catalogue.
  • for me is the psp, but the gameboy is a classic. do you rember the first one i think iv still got it some where, hard to miss its a big yellow thing. i have still got my psp i don't got a clue where it is i don't play it any more ever since i got my ps3
  • If the "iPode" is anything like an "iPod", that sounds great. :p

    Seriously, though, I love the PSP - but I probably use my iPod Video more than anything else.