marvel ultimate alliance
  • My son is playing the game and has gotten stuck in the attlean trenches. He says he has to find another pearl or some thing like that. Can you give me some advice?
  • The only pearl in the game is the one to open a certain lock.

    When you see the cutscene of Namor guarded and trapped in a bubble take out the guards and use the console to free Namor. Now, from here the side door leads to the Temple of Negrete- this has the seaweed needed to cure Namor. Head left and take out the enemies in the room. The clam will have the pearl you are looking for.
  • there are two pearls to open the next room and a spear point to trigger the cutscene. look for a precracked wall and the pearl should be behind there. it's been a while since i played mua.
  • I am playing on Marvel Ultimate Alliance PC ( I know this is a PS-2 forum but you are the best at answering questions and I can't figure this out anywhere). How do you change heroes when you are using a logitech controller?
  • If by "change heroes" you mean switch between who you are controlling, just use the d-pad to select.
  • Do you know the controls? I have pushed all of the buttons and nothing seems to happen as far as switching characters? On the Ps-2 you changed using the direction buttons and on the keyboard/mouse you use the keyboard. The direction buttons on the d-pad move the character in a direction and the equivalent of the r-2/r-3 and l-2/l-3 buttons bring up super powers menu and team commands but do not switch characters.
  • If you customized your controls then the d-pad may work differently. The guide I was looking at says use the d-pad up/down/left/right to select which hero to control. If on the keyboard use the arrow keys or the F1 to F4 buttons.
  • Thanks. The directional on the dpad don't work--they just move the main character that you are operating in the direction the arrow points. I can work the keyboard it is just not as easy as the dpad.