W at W online problem
  • Ok, so when i first got this game (cod waw) everything worked fine, but now every time i get into an online lobby and a game is about to start it frezzes. THe moment the lobby timmer reaches zero and the match starts to load my ps3 frezzes up stil in the lobby screen. This is really weird, i dont think its a connection issue since i dont get kicked offline and there is no sign out error. Wondering if its game or ps3. I have also not been able to download updates for tf2 or even play one game on it. View points would be appreciated thanks
  • Does this only happen online? No consistent freezes in offline modes...?

    I would advise you to first try a new disc. If the problem still persists, then i'd say the problems with your PS3 and you should ring Sony and arrange repairs/ replacement.
  • yes it only happens online, always at the same spot. That was pretty much what i thought of doing, not so easy to get a new disc though.
  • Take it back to where you brought it Gladius, claim the disc is faulty- which chances are it is.
  • Well, i belive chances are its not, i mean i think less than 1 percent of discs sold to the public are faulty. Their design is really great and they can still take a lot of damage and still work. I think claiming the disc is faulty is the last thing you should think of as long as it doesnt have any obvious obstruction. Gonna take my whole ps3 and a few games in anyway as im having problems with a whole bunch of online stuff.