• Hi all

    Anyone else gotr the HOME beta?

    I Know RobCoxy has it, its pretty cool if somewhat sparse at the moment, and they need more bowling lanes!!!

    If you have the beta i have set up a club (APi Clan), search for it and join up, we have a Clubhouse and everything!!!

    This WILL be awesome, we can meet and arrange online games etc and invite each other from within HOME.
  • I'm there too, Don- mostly been messing around on the pool tables. I'll have a quick look and join the club when I can (bites they'll be charging for this sort of thing once the beta is finished but at least it can be checked out for free first).
  • I've got Home Beta and i joined the clan i do be just running around the place so catch me if you can.
  • how do you get the beta? i want to play too :)
  • I did catch someone talking about "sharing" the Beta?! Don't know how or even if its possible.

    Lyndon, do you know about this?
  • Do this at your own risk- the codes are tied to the PSN ID it is issued to. Sharing the code can result in both being kicked out. If the code was used this "sharing" would need to be done by divulging your account details (e-mail and password) which is against the PSN Terms of Service. You could find yourselves blocked from online altogether.

    For those that are not yet in the beta i say have patience. They are still sending codes out every week and the word is everyone will be in before Christmas so it's a mere two week wait or so, if true.
  • Thanks Lyn, wondered how they were doin it.
  • By the way, couldn't see you at all the other night, could you see me?

    If so wil need to arrange a meet up somewhere?

    Like you said, could be a region thing, wil be rubbish if we can't hook up though!
  • When he f*ck am i gonna get an invite, im always using PSN, (im talking to lyndon & rob there who know im online all the time) :p
    How come i aint got one yet.
  • You have to keep in mind the amount of people that are signed up for the PlayStation Network now- the odds of getting into these sort of things are slim if you aren't keeping an eye out for them. SCEE is spreading the codes around as much as they can.

    As I said above, have patience. The beta is supposedly being opened to all later this month.
  • I can guarantee you my friend that SCEE will delay it, watch they're definately gonna delay it.
  • Would you like your crow fried or off the grill, Prince? They've announced that Home will be open to everyone tomorrow.:p
  • ill have it fried in a deep fat fryer :p if i go on PS3 at 1am tomorrow , will i be able to download it, how is it gonna work, are they gonna e-mail me or what
  • Can't say for sure what time it will be available so don't be too disappointed if it isn't there then. The download will, I'm expecting, be done via the PlayStation Store. If that is the case, don't expect it until sometime in the afternoon in the UK.
  • its not in PS STORE yet
  • Hooray! Home is now available. Too bad it won't even sign me in. Awesome! I just love waiting for things that are never going to load. It's so much fun. Oh well, from what I've heard from many of the BETA testers this whole thing is an EPIC FAIL. Well you know the saying You get what you pay for.:D
  • I wouldn't go as far as to say it's an 'epic fail" (can that phrase please go away now, it's so over used) but it isn't exactly the "be all, end all" some made it out to be. Still, have to remember they are going to be adding to it as things move on.
  • i keep getting errors in home, C-931 and other ones aswell, plz help
  • Entirely expected as the amount of people wanting to check it out would have overwhelmed the server. Nothing you can do about it other than wait for Sony to fix things.
  • Yeah i got it yesterday id-sioux-5
    See u there!
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    Entirely expected as the amount of people wanting to check it out would have overwhelmed the server. Nothing you can do about it other than wait for Sony to fix things.

    About how long would that take mate.
  • how do you get the home beta
  • The beta is open to all now, nasher- if you haven't yet just turn your PS3 off then back on again. You'll see the icon for Home in the PlayStation Network column of the PS3's menu.
  • i keep getting the error message,will just have to keep trying i suppose :(
  • iv looked av and now iv got
  • Sony were to fix things on thursday, havent they done so yet, i havent been on it, im grounded till saturday.
  • i updated to V1.04 and have had no problems since, seems to be working fine now.
  • iv been on playstation home a few time but not my thing