• hey....what's up?......i can't sign up on PSN on my PSP....

    why is that?

    need help....

  • Your PSP PSN Id would be the same as you use on the PS3- it's all the same network. What sort of error messages are you getting?
  • all right i've signed up but how can i play online on it
  • It's just like on the PS3- you would play under your PSN Id in whatever games you have that play online as well as use the other stuff like the PlayStation Store.
  • you mean i should access the playstation@network and look for players?
  • No- the online play in the PSP games is just like it is on the PS3. Go into the online portion of the game you are playing and find a match there.
  • for the PSP 3000 online feature, what games support online.
  • look for players in the while i'm playing it?

    you i have to go to the multiplayer icon?
  • Prince, the online play is not specific to the PSP 3000. There are too many games to list here that have online play.

    Nob- yes, go to the multiplayer or online play icon in the main menu of the game you are playing, just like you would have before Sony got the PlayStation Network in place on the PSP.