Cannot Connect To Playstation Network
  • hello ive just made an account on this site because i really need someones help for my ps3 problem

    for a year now i have been using a wired connection for my ps3 to get the online on it, now i am moving my playstation 3 to another room and so have bought a wireless router. so i got my router and tried to connect it to my playstation 3, i input all my routers details including the wep key. it then saves and says test connection, when i testes it it obtained my ip address then the internet connection suceeded but the when it tried to connect to playstation network it failed and says the connection timed out....

    i tried again and again but it said the same thing

    i do not know what to do :(

    please help !!!!!!!!


  • The thread pinned to the top of this section may be of some help to you, Shane - one thing that usually has to be done on the router is "port forwarding". I've listed the ports needed for the PS3 traffic to go through smoothly as well as linked to a site that has the step by step on getting to the section to apply those for the majority of routers used today.
  • thanks lyndon m staff ill try it
  • but i dont want to make a static ip address

    i might mess up my router
  • also i dont know why it doesnt work because my router is cinnected perfectly to my nintendo wii ....
  • Setting a static IP address for your PS3 will not mess up anything else, Shane- all it does is reserve that IP adress specifically for the PS3.

    As for why the Wii hooks up with no problem, that's mainly Sony's doing with needing those various ports open for the traffic to get through.
  • i tried to open the ports using the instructions but it says it already has been forwarded, and it still doesnt connect

    i tries port 80 and the second 1
  • It should be done then m8, make sure you press the Apply button
  • If you have opened the ports needed (as listed in the pinned thread) you may want to try giving the router a "power cycle" (unplug the power for about 30 seconds or so then plug it in again).

    Also, I believe PES has a setting in the menu regarding ports- this should be at "automatic" (seem to remember Rob C mentioning this in another thread).
  • wats PES ??

    i dont really know all these technical words
  • i tried but it still doesnt work and when i try to forward a port it says the service port number was defined by another service
  • PES is Pro Evolution Soccer.

    Head back into the port forwarding section and see what "service" is already laying claim to that port. Usually more than one program can use these. Also, if you could let me know what brand and model router you are using I may be able to check through the manual for it and come up with some other tricks to try.
  • i dont have pes and my router is a netgear dg834pn 108mbps
  • and the service page is blank :S
  • Ok, shaneno- setting up a reserved address for the PS3 is very easy on this router. This should help quite a bit in your situation.

    Go into the router settings to the LAN IP section and make sure the "Use router as DHCP Server" box is checked. At the bottom of this you will see the "Address Reservation" section. Click the Add button. In here you will need to enter the PS3's MAC Address, which you can find on the PS3 by going to Settings, down to Systems Settings and select System Information.

    In the first blank enter an IP address that is somewhere in the range the router uses but high enough to not interfere with your computer or other devices- should do nicely. Next to this is a blank for a device name (PlayStation 3 or PS3, whatever you'd like). Finally, enter in the MAC Address you grabbed from the PS3 and click the Apply button.

    To ensure this works, edit your PS3's settings to include the IP address you use. As for Port 80, I would suggest going to where that is mentioned and make sure this is set to "always allow" and set WAN Sevices to "any" then click the apply button.
  • thanks ill try it by the way my psp works with my wireless router perfectly.... whys that ?
  • do you think my playstation 3 could be faulty or my router could be faulty ???
  • Hi i am in residence at university and my friends have their xbox's online no problem. When i frist brought you ps3 it worked online but not it will not connect at all. Unless 99% of the people who need help i have a directly wired connection right out of the wall and am unable to port forward. Is there anything i can do or was it a waste of time to bring it?
  • You may need to talk with the people that maintain your internet at the residence, Jas6n. Most likely some of the ports that the PS3 needs are closed by default and they would have to set up in their system to open these.