Devil May Cry 3 HELP NEEDED!!!
  • If anyone has played DMC3 can I get help for the 3-headed ice dog?
  • Two ways to go about this one- you can stay at the very back of the room and keep shooting with the pistols or shotgun and just slowly whittle him down OR you can go the quicker route.

    Stand back and shoot the ice off of its head then close in and slash the paw until it collapses. This will give you time to attack the heads directly for more damage. You can also try jumping and doing air combos to the head when it stops attacking.
  • i made sure i had plenty of health so tht i can just g straight in with my sword and just keep hitting him. also if u push either l1 or r1 u should be able to hit and run faster for a few secs thats ur chance to kill him.