• Okay.This works like any other trivia game except the questions are all about mythology.

    Lets start with an easy one.From where has the proverb "Achilles heel" come from.
  • Damn, I can't remember the name of the parable or fable or whatever you call it.

    Although I do know basically what it's based on. Pretty much, Achilles' mother dipped him a river that made him invulnerable on every part of his body that was dipped (The river Styx?), the problem is, his mother dipped him by his heel and didn't bother to dip him again and get his heel. Later when he was grown and was in a battle, an archer shot his heel and killed him. That's why your weakness is always your Achilles Heel.
  • Correct you are.

    Go ahead
  • Correct you are.

    Go ahead
  • In one variant of the story Achilles was not dipped into the river Styx, he was burned everywhere but his heel.
  • TDog, I'm not sure which variant and
  • TDog, I'm not sure which variant and what story you speak of, but in The Iliad, it is very clear that Achilles is wounded in the "Achilles Heel" with an arrow shot by Paris and guided by Apollo, and so he died.
  • Ah, I've been gone for a while. Here have a question.

    Name every god or stellar object that a day is named after.

    Of course I only mean on a common calendar.
  • The Greeks named the days of the week after the sun, the moon and the five known planets, which were in turn named after the gods Ares, Hermes, Zeus, Aphrodite, and Cronus. The Greeks called the days of the week the Theon hemerai "days of the Gods". The Romans substituted their equivalent gods for the Greek gods, Mars, Mercury, Jove (Jupiter), Venus, and Saturn. (The two pantheons are very similar.) The Germanic peoples generally substituted roughly similar gods for the Roman gods, Tiu (Twia), Woden, Thor, Freya (Fria), but did not substitute Saturn.
    Sunday -- Sun's day
    Middle English sone(n)day or sun(nen)day
    Old English sunnand
  • wow i never knew that man how long did it take you type that gid?

    that was really useful info thnx!! :thumbsup:
  • Hmmm...That's correct, and a bit of it I didn't know, I wasn't sure if Friday was Freyer or Freya, they are a dual god after all.


    Oh yeah, your turn Gid.
  • Aries is the first sign of the zodiac(the Ram) and astrologers believe that Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which is named for the Roman god of war, who is named for the Greek god of war, Ares.

    Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac(the fishes) and astrologers believe that Pisces is ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune who were named for Roman Gods.
  • Great Googley Moogley WB, you never cease to amaze me in your collection of smut!!!
  • Evil Hercules! Bad Hercules! *Smack*

    Killing a poor innocent little lion. :nono:
  • Not a lot, KFH.
  • Yep, October 26.

    Secretive, curious, fascinating personality :2silly: , outstanding leadership. Yep, that sounds about right.
  • Ok, So what is the next question?

    Since it's Easter, does anyone know the name of the pagan deity which this holiday is based?

    No, it is NOT Peter Rabbit :D
  • TDog, you must answer before you can ask.
  • Ok, here is my two-cents worth:

    Leo "The Lion".
    Around 240 B.C., Leo was robbed of his splendid tail.
  • Geeez Lucifer, don't you know anything!!??
  • [quote]Geeez Lucifer, don't you know anything!!??
  • [b][i] Duh' what da ya meeen Loo?!! I iz samrt is da nexst guye.

    Yes, a bit more of
  • Luc, you probably missed a few things out, but i suppose i'll let you get away with it just this once
  • Hey, I win! I win! YAY!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, here we go with another round:

    Who is described as `The Dioscuri'?

    Good luck! :thumbsup:
  • Hhhmmmmm - that would be Nicolas Cage and his on screen brother (Alessandro Nivola) in the film 'Face Off'.

    Castor and Pollox (Troy)
  • No, it is not!!
  • As much as I would LOVE to tell the two of you to battle it out over "ownership" of the correct answer :2devilish: , Gideon DID answered first. Probably cheated, much like the other underhanded things his Avatar Consultancy has been known for!
  • Due to my gentlemanly and altruistic nature i shall act in accordance with the un-pc civility of days gone by:

    Ladies first

    The floor is yours mistress Speedie

    (moi, cheat? I'm as honest as a senator i'll have you know!)

  • Ladies first[/b]

  • Man, that statement is enought to get all the Lezbo's and man-haters of the world in a tizzy![/b]

    Good thing I am too fat to fit into a tizzy!!
  • Ok lets have a little look at some Roman / Greek mythology comparisons. I
  • :idea:

    Anybody read 'Incarnations of immortality' series by Sci Fi/Fabtasy author Piers Anthony?

    Brings back memories...anyhow

    Hermes- Mercury
    Aphrodite (my personal fave)- Venus
    Gaia- Earth? not too sure on that one :D
    Ares- Mars
    Zeus- Jupiter
    Chronos- Saturn
    Uranus- Uranus?
    Poseidon- Neptune
    Hades- Pluto
    Dionysus- Bacchus
    Apollo- Apollo
    Hera- Juno
    Demeter- Vesta? Not Sure
    Athena- Minerva
    Artemis- Diana
    Heracles- Hercules

    That's as many as I can remember

  • All present and correct T-Dog.....

    The floor is yours
  • I've read those! They're my third favorite series of books. :thumbsup:
  • Within this constellation, is a group of stars similar in alignment to the postions of the 3 Great Pyramids of Egypt.

    What is the name of this constellation, the astronomical term attributed to this alignment, and the name of the Egyptian mythological figure associated with this constellation?
  • hmm that guy that is in the sky with arrow man i forgot his name ill edit when i get his name..... ???
  • Do you mean Orion AJ?

    Isn't Demeter the Earth goddess? In which case Ceres should be her counterpart (I think!). Vesta is the hearth and home goddess.
  • yeah thats what i think it is yeah Lola your right am i right?
  • Orion is the name of the constellation, but you still need the term applied to the group of stars aligned in manner to the pyramids, and the Egyptian deity.

    By the way AJ, I like your avatar- is that your pet dog?
  • [b]
    Constellation = Orion (Egyptian = Sahu; Syrian = Al Jabbar; Chaldean = Tammuz)
    Egytian Deity = Osiris (Sahu means Spirit of Osiris)
    Location= Memphite Necropolis at Giza (Great Pyramids)
    Pyramids relating to stars:
    Khufu = Zeta
  • Well, my personal thoughts on the subject are that intelligent humans were put on this planet by extra-terrestial beings, the Egyptians being the first of them, and this god that they call Osiris is probably what they think of the "ETs" as, therefore there is probably Extra-terrestial life somewhere in Orion's Belt.

    (Heh, I sounds like some old conspiracy theorist or something) :0
  • (He writes sarcastically) Remember when this thread was about Mythology?............
  • Yep t-dog that is my little jack russel :thumbsup:
  • It's still kinda about mythology, my comment was referrring to something that had to do with mythology, but sorry if it was too out of place.
  • Whatever the context, 'Orions belt' is the correct term, and Osiris is the Egyptian deity.

    I don't know about the alien stuff


    Next question is yours, Lola :thumbsup:

    PS: I have not read 'The Orion Mystery' But I am familiar with Robert Bauval and his collaboritve works with Graham Hanc0ck, Fingerprints of the Gods is another great read:)
  • Thanks TDog!
    Okay, here's an easy one! According to Norse legend who were the three children of Loki and the giantess Angrboda?
  • Fenrir, Jormungandr, and Hel.
  • [b]Blimey WB - You could have waited till someone got it wrong and given me the opportunity to wallow in smug mode for a while!!!
  • Like our heroine, I choose to go with an easy one:

  • I think the judgement of Paris was a showdown between Athena and Aphrodite, both of which wanting his golden apple. Athena offered him wisdom in exchange for the apple, Aphrodite offered Helen of Troy. He chose Helen because she was the most bodacious babe in all of Greece- but I think she was married or something/betrothed to someone else- The Trojan war was the end result.

    Or maybe I got his name mixed up with someone else?
  • You're on the right track T-Dog, but you don't have all the players yet.
  • It is said that, when Thetis married Peleus, Jupiter invited all the gods to a feast with the exception of Eris, (known as Strife). When, later, she suddenly arrived and was not admitted to the banquet, to make mischief she tossed an apple from the doorway into the middle, declaring that whoever was most beautiful should pick it up.

    Juno, Venus and Minerva each began to claim to be the best looking, and when a bitter quarrel erupted between them, Jupiter ordered Mercury to take them to Alexander Paris on Mount Ida and to tell him to be the judge.

    Juno promised Paris dominion over all lands and greater riches than all men if he favoured her; Minerva, that he would henceforth be braver than all and master of every artifice if she were to depart victorious; Venus however promised to arrange for him to marry the most beautiful of all women, Helen, daughter of Tyndareus.

    Paris preferred the final offer to the earlier ones and declared Venus to be the most beautiful; as a result, Juno and Minerva became enemies of the Trojans.

    Urged on by Venus, Alexander seduced Helen away from Sparta and Menelaos, his host, to Troy and married her; with her came two servants, the former queens Aethra and Thisadie whom Castor and Pollux had awarded to her when they were taken prisoner.
  • You just had to complicate it with Roman names, Dintcha?

    Anyway, you are correct.
  • I was feeling extra brainy today. LOL

    Here is our next bit-o-trivia:

    The god of the sea is often pictured with a beard and holding a trident. Although married, he had numerous love affairs. He and the Gorgon Medusa are the parents of who?

    Good luck!
  • Chrysaor and Pegasus.
  • Geeze......looks like you're on a roll too wb. Good job!
  • OK, this one has two parts:

  • Ok, this one ought to be fairly easy:

    What remained at the bottom of Pandora's box?

    Good luck!
  • The base. :2devilish:
  • Pandora's box - ooer missus
  • The answer is hope, it is the only thing that remained in the box!~!~!
  • Could it have been Hope perchance?[/b]

    Looks to me like a valid answer, so that means that Gid is a
  • Was it by any chance Sinon?
  • A nice try, but no cigar Luc!!
  • I'm after a dude that was actually inside the horse with the soldiers.[/b]

    Uh......Charleton Heston as Ben Hur?
  • Odysseus, Menelaus, Neoptolemus, and a bunch of their tired Greek friends were in that horse.
  • Thank you Gideon.
  • Wasn't he stranded on an island belonging to the nymph Calypso, due to a "Great Quake" or earthquakes as a result of blinding the Cyclops?
  • Odysseus took ten years to get home, during which he had to face such dangers as the man-eating giant Polyphemus and such subtler threats as the goddess Calypso, who offers him immortality if he will abandon his quest for home,in the end he is reunited with his son, his wife, and his aged father, after going on a ###### masacre of the sutiors who had been living of his wife during his absence.
  • No need to get snippy, thev1tch.
  • Me snippy?!?!?!?!?! Never :D
  • The floor is open to the first taker. Fire away anyone. :thumbsup:[/b]

    Well, I don't mind if I do.
  • Aius Locutius, or Loquens, or Big daddy Lo-Lo (to his bitches) :D
  • Aius Locutius, or Loquens, or Big daddy Lo-Lo (to his bitches) :D[/b]

  • Who is mother of Kishar and ruler of salt waters?
  • Tiamat (Mother Goddess)

    Poseidon was the ruler of ALL waters, wasn't he?
  • Different mythologies, different dieties(at least, different names).
  • Why thank you wb. Ok, this next question should prove fairly easy:

    Which daughter of Oceanus wept tears of amber?

    Good Luck!
  • Was it Electra?

  • Was it Electra?[/b]

    You nailed that one right on the head!
  • Cheers Bud
  • I think it was either Syrnix or Pitys but im not sure!~!~! :2silly:
  • Pitys was the answer i was looking for, so the floor is all yours
  • okay this one shouldn't be hard!

    who stood in a river amazd by his own reflection?
  • I think it was King Midas
  • sorry nope try agian!~!~!
  • sorry it took me so long but YES that is the answer the fll\oor is yours!~!~!
  • YAY!!

    Ok, here we go again:

    He was the god of volcanos

    Should be simple enough.......good luck!
  • Ok Lu we've got as follows.....take your pick :D

  • [quote]Hephaestos
  • BTW~ I thought "Dr. Spock" was a Vulcan?[/b]

    heh....yeah that's the one thing the Trekkie writers neglected to mention, that good 'ol dr. spock was also the voyager's very own volcano god
  • Dr. Spock wrote books about raising children, I think you're meaning Mr. Spock........
  • Uuhhh.......Parthenopaeus... (makes me think of "menopause"!!

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