• hey im stuck on max payne - part3 a bit closer to heaven chapter2 a tight operation. can u help
  • When this starts wait for the mercenary that will come out of the door to the right. Just blast the C4 to the left to trigger the explosion from the laser trip wire. When you go through either the left or right hand dors you should find some pain killers in a cabinet. Grab them and head through the right door.

    You'll see a merc come down the ramp with a penchant for grenade tossing- shoot him after his first try misses you. Now look up and to the left for another merc firing down at you. Jump on the three boxes underneath the broken steps and then make your way across the center rail by looking to the left. Hop down and make your way up the stairs to the left. Open up the cabinet and you will find a Molotov Cocktail. Jump up onto the brown crate in the middle and then up onto the gray concrete. Get a running start
    and run across the chain link floor and leap at the right moment to land on the broken steps. When you are on the steps, go into a shoot dive straight ahead to take out the mercenary who opens the door and chucks a grenade way over you.

    Head on through the door and go in a shoot dodge, aiming left, and gun down the approaching enemy as he rolls out. There will be one more behind him. Take out the guard that comes out of the door to the right. Enter this room and open up the cabinet to reveal a Grenade. Grab all the weapons and ammo you can carry from the rack. Don't forget to grab the two Painkillers from medicine cabinet. Look at the monitors to show you the way to go. Be ready, though, as you'll need to immediately turn around- when the door opens, fire away at the sole mercenary. Shoot the box to the left and grab the Painkiller before going through the now opened gate. Head through the door that is to the right. Take out your Colt Commando, look down and fire at the two mercenaries before they can make it up the ramp. Make your way
    down the ramp to the left. When you are at the bottom, enter the storage by opening it- pick up the Painkiller and the Beretta Ammo. Exit and walk up the small flight of steps straight ahead. Open the cabinet to the left to find M79 Ammo. Use the computers on the left to operate the machinery that will use a steel beam to smash through a wall for you. Now head on down to the smashed wall at a safe distance and use the M79 on the wall to finish the job. Switch back to your Colt Commando and dive on through to gun down the two mercenaries behind it. Finally, head through the door on the left and then the door on the right.
  • Thanks soooo much