Resident evil 4....on PSP2000
  • you from the title the thread talks about a versien of resident evil 4 for the PSP....and why we know some of us plays a homebrew resident evil 2 on the psp ok....why capcom create an offcial versien of resident evil 4 for the psp?.....:p that will be a great idea

    i suggust a ver of resident evil 4 for the psp....that every one on the planet
    will play it on psp and enjoy or meybe alliens will play it on psp<====lol imagin the picture>

    thakns for the japanese who created the sony campany......tht created the PS

  • why every one don't replys my threads ?

    did i become so boring now?
  • It's not you- the posting habits of most have been, well, sporadic other than people coming in looking for game / console help (and the occassional spambot trying to peddle crap).
  • you mean they just asking for help
  • Pretty much, yes- most that are coming here are doing so to ask for help and not really noticing/ making use of the discussion area up here lately (other than the few regulars that show up).
  • Allright back to the about my idea it's great right?