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  • We'd like to hear your comments on LittleBigPlanet for the PS3.
  • Ive been playing this since it came out and i must say what a game :) i like been able to change the sack boys out fits etc.
    the game play i think is very very good i especially like the driving ones,and some of the levels people have made are just unbelievable i couldn't create anything any where near as good as them and this is one of my qualms.
    everything Ive red about the game is you can make absolutely anything and that its so simple,i have not found it that easy i cant even work out how to do the most simplest of things,i don't know if its my lack of experience or lack of brains that the problem,i will have to just keep trying and see what i can come up with.
    just one other thing,playing online with other people can be a bit frustrating with always having to play catch up,apart these little things i think its a great game and my little lad likes to drive and watch him go pop :)
  • no one got this game yet or is everyone to busy trying to find out how to create your own level....:confused:
  • Hi,
    I have just bought a PS3 with the LittleBigPlanet game and I must say it looks very promising. My daughter (8) and I have already had many good laughs with it.
    I some help though. We just cannot work out where to find the tail that we need to pin on the horse in order to proceed to the third level.
    Any ideas?
    Many thanks
  • Glad you are enjoying the game, mkaas. The tail is in the "switches" section of your pop up tools This had me confused for a bit too as I look in the "animals" section first (seemed logical to me at the time).
  • is it worth the BUY!???

    besides 'creating' and 'playing' levels...what else is there to do??
    i've seen lots of vids, reviews, etc...but is it one of those games thats FUN but its the 'same old thing' just different 'details here & there'??

  • i must admit to being amazed by this game.

    Didnt think i would like it but it is SO good, and my daughter fell in love with Sackboy imediately.

    I would recommend this game to anyone, i am a hardened FPS player but if this game doesn't bring a HUGE smile to your face, you must have a swinging brick for a heart!!!
  • It's a great game. As for online play, my only gripe is that it would be much easier with a PS bluetooth because everyone is running around crazy and no one wants to cooperate. I already ordered mine so at least some body can say, "Don't do that!" or "I'll go to X and you go to Y".
  • sorry for the old dig guys, but I just bought this game...Girlfriend is not much a fan*this isthe ONLY reason we bought it, was for her to play* and I think i enjoy it much more then she does. I find it to be to much like a Super Mario Bros. 3 though. the 3rd dimension though does leave alot to be desired.
  • I haven't had this much fun with a game in quite some time. We bought it for my wife but she and I now fight for the right to play it. It is highly addictive, and in my opinion sackboy is the new Mario, Sonic, whathave you for a system mascot.
  • After giving the DEMO a try, I am on my way to get the GOTY edition of LBP. What an incredible, fun, crazy game that actually had me laughing a few times as well. I like the fact that it is a 2-player game so my wife and I can actually have a good ol' gaming session together as well.

    What a gem that I just plain overlooked for too long!
  • I have owned the game for quite some time now and well it is one of the most addicting games I own! Don't be fooled though about the create-a-mode it isn't a one track thing, some of the funniest things have happened to me in there.
    P.S. definitely gonna upgrade to GOTY edition too many reasons to do it...
  • OMG....this game is completely addictive!!! Even with the two person player ability, my hubby and I still fight over playing it. I love how the community can add their own levels for playing. Some are extremely imaginative. Wade and I are looking forward to creating some levels together too.

    oh....does anyone else find Sackboy invading their dreams??? I really hope I am not the only one. If so I need help! :eek:

    This game should be on everyone's "Must own!" List!!!

  • Jackie,
    I agree this game is completely addictive! I begged my bf to play it with me one night almost a month ago and now almost every night he suggests we play. My eight month old daughter loves watching it and who can blame her, those colors, textures, and wacky cardboard people practically jump off the screen.
    BTW I too have found sackboy popping up in my dreams.
  • I've been playing LittleBigPlanet since the day it came out, and it's probably gotten more playtime in my PS3 than anything else I own. The best part of the game is going online and seeing the other creations that people have come up with - I have spent COUNTLESS hours trying to re-engineer some of that stuff! :)

    I will admit, though - ModRacers Nation is on the near horizon, and that may end up challenging LBP for the creative crown! The one thing you can never completely get away from in LBP is that, at heart, it's a platformer - even though some people have created some amazing vehicles and simulated races. Getting to play something that's the same sort of creative "build your own world" idea, but based on a Mario Kart style racing foundation instead of a platforming foundation? That's going to open up a LOT of new possibilities!

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