Controller lifespan?
  • hi - i was wondering how long the dualshock 2 last for if you use it for about 1 hr a day.
  • Well, i use mine for an average of about 2 hours a day and it's lasted for over a year. There's no signs of it giving out either. It really depends on how well you take care of it. I broke my DualShock for the PSX in about a month. I did that only because i was a little ####ed off at the time and i twisted it in half. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • well ive been pounding on mine for couple months now from GTA 3 killing so many people and its working perfectly fine no harm done from pounding and pounding

    i'd say that i spend bout 4 hours a day on my control nothing wrong with it just one analkog stick is all broken in easy to move from using it to much and the other feels like its not :) have fun.

  • I got my PS2 in November last year and in february my duel shock 2 controller packed up but the day it packed up i took it back to the shop and they gave me a new one with no questions asked.
  • I think it all depends on if you throw them around or on the floor. The buttons and analog sticks are pretty tough. My PS1 controlers have been receiving button pounding sessions for over a year now, my PS2 for 6 months and no problem.
  • I have had mine for about 4 months now. No problems so far. I think the real wear and tear comes when you throw it around on the floor and don't take good care of it. I really hate when I have to go to the store and buy me a new one.
  • I'd say those controls may last for a VERY long time, maybe 2/3 years if you handle them with care... I couldn't say if they last more than 3 years, because I have never had the same game system more than 3 years (and 6 months), only Sega Mega Drive lasted that time in my hands and that's beacuase I sold many MD games to buy Sega Saturn... oh boy, those days, those now-gone-happy days...
  • Sometimes I may beat on the poor lil guy for around 10 hours straight on thrilling RPG or race car games and it still works fine. It has been working the same for around two years since I got it. Although it has seemed to form a nasty habit of turning off the analog control on its own. But not to worry, I just think all electronic equipment hates me anyways hehe! Not to mention I accidentally drop it on occasion...hehe! Just be careful with the lil pain in the *** and I'm sure it will last for quite a while! I hope this helps!
  • i don't have a ps2 my friends had his for about a year now and theres no sign of his controller having any problems. he uses it for about 2 hours a day. but i9 suppose that if u through it around the lifespan will decrese gradually

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  • i have 2 psone controllers that i had to take apart and clean after about 3 years, because they weren't working right, but now they are working fine again, and as for my ps2 controller i don't know how long it will last yet. Hopefully for a long time. :D
  • well i'v had my ps2 for almost a year and it hasent messed up and when i'm playing gta3 i spent about 15 hours playing it and it hasent gave me any sine of messing up!
  • I've had my original PS1 controller over 3 years now with heavy usage and its still going strong. If you want it too last.. then look after it.. that means clean it after spilling beer over it.... and dont let too much grease & dust build up.

    (By the way i have gone through two N64 controllers in the same time)
  • The PS and PS2 controllers are esentially closed off from the outer world of dust and such, so I suppose that all they're vulnerable to is excessive jarring due to dropping on hard floors or flinging at walls and such. I haven't ever had any trouble with any controllers except the infrared PS1 controllers that I used before getting the PS2, and they were tempermental about working and not working.
  • My controller shows no sign of giving up on me after a few, umm, hurlings at the wall. I also had a non-Sony PS2 controller and it lasted for only about a month.
  • get this......i still use my original ps1 controller that i got with the system back in 96'.it works just fine on my ps2.i'm too cheap to buy more controllers so i stick with the old and it works awesome!
  • I had my PS1 controller for 5 years - still works fine! :D
  • All my controllers (7 years old) still work perfectly. Thats no dropping, using them as weapons (dang sister) and other non kosher uses. Wrap em up and keep em clean. Best thing you can ever do.
  • On my PS1 controllers ( I do have PS2 and two Dualshock2's and they work fine) but my PS1 dualshocks are jacked some of the buttons don't work I think it might be because of rolling the controller up, should I take it apart and clean it? I need them because I have some gay Mad Catz controllers that break in like a week. and I need PS1 controllers for my PS1 and the multi tap.

  • You'd be better off by paying the $19.99 and getting yourself some new controllers. It'll be easier for you than opening it up and cleaning the controller. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.