• are there any RPG's of the original genres available for the ps3? i.e. Rogue Galaxy, phantasy star, kingdom hearts, FFVII, FFXII.
  • theres a new final fantasy due in the next 12 months i beleive. Looks impressive visually.
  • my mate love final fantasy but i never realy got into it
  • You mean solely turn-based RPG's...? There are a couple of high profile titles coming that fit that genre i.e Eternal Sonata and FFXIII (& Versus XIII). You may also want to check out Valkyria Chronicles, coolzjo.

    All RPG fans should check out The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3 for the PS3 which are masterpieces! They dont quite fit into the Final Fantasy turn-based genre but both are outstanding Action/ Adventure RPG's.
  • yeh ive been checking out Valkyria on some review websites and on the sega one looks very impressive.
  • oblivion is amazein but it can get annoyin what with gettin lost in the oblivion plains,it has a few glitches but its expected from such a big game.get it,play it,love it.
  • playy okage: shadow king
    you will get attached
  • nvm nvm
    lol i didnt see the PS3