yo,hows it goin.
  • yo,i dont have much to say caus i dont know what to say.im havin trouble finding software that goes strait onto the PSP without havin to use a pc,everythin ive tryed downloadin goes into /PSP/Common/ wich does my nut caus u need a pc to find it,what is that about,why have a ghost file on PSP's?
  • Well, Grim, if you have your PSP updated to the latest version you can access the PlayStation Store directly on the PSP. Other than that, there is no choice but to use a USB connection.
  • ps dont have homebrew stuff,im lookin for an ir-shell so i wont have to use pc's but that goes into /PSP/common wich is very annoyin caus thats the reason i want it,i can download MP3s strait onto it and play em right away and MP4s,why not software,what are the ghost files for?