Hardware problems
  • im havin trouble getting stuff like firmware and ir-shell to go strait onto psp instead of needing a pc caus i dont have one.is it possible to change the file destination so it goes onto a memory stick? allso,u couldent give me links to good free PSP software download sites,i looked at playstation store and there aint anythin on there thats usefull.
  • Reefer, you can run the firmware updates right on the spot by downloading via the System Update in the Settings menu- no transferring needed. Just need a wireless connection to link to.

    As for the site recommendations, we do have a rule here about linking to other gaming sites so we won't be able to help you out there.
  • how much memory does the latest firmware take,and do u get everythin from the old updates or will i have to get em one by one in order?
  • The firmware itself does not take anything from the PSP's on-board memory. The firmware installer is normally in the 25 MB range and can be deleted from the memory stick once it is installed. You will get all the features that previous updates included along with the latest extras.