help to get online on my ps3
  • hi ive tried loads to get online on my ps3 wireless but i dont know what to do i have a pc i am connected to internet by wireless lan ive got broadband and connected to a local area connection and i dont know what to buy to get online people have told me to buy a wireless brige and connect the ps3 to ti with an ethenet cable i dont know if it will work can you help me plz
  • It would work- you would need to set up your PS3 as though it was wired, however, as it would be still connecting via ethernet cable. It no doubt would make a stronger connection than the PS3's own wi-fi card (which can be a bit poor).

    How much strength does your PS3 show the connection at when you scan for it?
  • when i scan it has different streengths mostly around 50 percent ive really tried everything it wont work i go on network setting then go on easy then go on scan then go on none security and it says the internet connection has failed and i dont think it is connecting to my computer could you plz help
  • so if i buy a wireless bridge and an ethenet cable and connect them all with the details ive already told you what instruction would you say i should do to get it online
  • and just to tell you i dont have a telephone so would it still work i only have everything i said on my 1st paragragh plz help
  • last question how do you find you wireless lan security settings
  • Once you set up the wireless bridge (instructions are included) you should be able to get online. Not having a phone will matter in the slightest.

    You'll find the Wireless LAN near the front of the Security or Firewall section of your router.
  • so to find my security setting i probably have to phone up the internet i use then set uo the wireless bridge and it will work thanks
  • and do you think i should buy a router as i ant got one i got my wireless lan but its still not a router
  • last question after i get on network setting i dont have a clue what to do then could you plz give me steps of how to get it online from there as it really hard thank you
  • Ah, ok, thought you had a router in place. In that case, definitely set up your own wireless router and wire it to your internet. Once you have it set up you should be able to get much better signal from it and tweak the settings I was talking about before.
  • hi i dont know much about computers at all so how do wire it to your internet and wen you have done that i dont know what to do
  • do i still need to get a wireless bridge or should i just get a wireless router and wire it to my internet
  • AND would dis work if i get a wireless router and a modem connect an ethnet cable from the router to the computer (network card) and then connect the router to the modem/cable and then connect it to the internet if not could you plz tell me what excatly what i need to buy and how to connect it and how to work it wen i connected it all together i mean like wen you go on network setting wat you do after that thanks
  • The order goes: the modem connects to the router then the router will connect to your computer and anything else going online.

    I would say get your own wireless router and get someone to set things up. Once the router is installed have a dig around some of the other 'get me online" threads for the details on what info you should look for efore going into the PS3's network settings.
  • kk cool i know what to buy now and everything but i dont know anyone who knows how to make it online lol thanks for your help though lol
  • Most of the router's initial set up is pretty basic, just needing to give it some basic information like the type of connection you have and any log in info your internet provider may need you to use. After that, just about all the info regarding getting the PS3 itself online is found here in the forums.
  • so really i just buy a modem and a wireless router connect them up like you said then give all the details you know and your preety much online
  • You should not need to buy a modem, that would have been provided by your internet service. I would stick to the original plan of the bridge and use it to get the PS3 online. You may need to talk to whoever takes care of your connection about getting it set up.
  • So Just Buy A Wireless Bridge An Ethenet Cable So The Wireless Bridge And Ps23 Are Connected And Call The People My Server For Details That I Need
  • lastly if i said that the wrong way before correct me plz and what sort of wireless bridge would you say i should get for my situation
  • You may need to get your internet provider to do the set up for you or at least give you some information on settings. You would need to do a quick bit of set up with the bridge on your computer first before connecting it to your PS3. Then, set up the PS3's connection as a wired connection.
  • Thats The Thing I Dont Have A Clue How To Do It Im Not Good At Stuff Like This Thanks For Your Help Anyway Ill Phone My Server Tomoz And Tell Them What To Do To Go Online On A Ps3 Ask Them What Settings To Do And Then Ask How Ill Set Up The Wireless Bridge
  • Is That A Good Idea
  • Basic instructions for setting up the bridge will be included with it- you'll just need to add in a bit of detail regarding the type of connection you use. Very straightforward stuff.
  • you know wen it ask for your wlan security setting how do you find it out as i dont know them
  • This is the sort of thing that would be in your computer's settings as it would have to match up- you can check in your pc's connection settings in the Network section or you may need to contact your internet provider about that one to be sure to get the settings right if they are the ones that set it.
  • hi i found out my security seetting and myonline strenths as gone up you know wen you go past where you done your security setting could you tell me excatly what to press a si dont know plz and i mean all of the stages from there
  • so like ive slected my metthed as easy then went through wireless connection then wlan setting as scan then picked my acces point the done my wep security settings then what should i do for my ip adress settings should i set my dhcp host name or not should i have my dn settings asautomatic or manual should i have my mtu as atomatic or manual should i have a proxy serves or not should i have my upnp enable or disable plz help dis is the last thing that can help me plz answer my question thank you
  • leave the IP address of the PS3 as Automatic, in case this changes. You should add other info, if they will give it, manually such as the DNS servers and Subnet mask. Everything else you should be able to leave as it shows by default.
  • hi i know my ip adress so i put it in manually but i dont know my dns everytime i finish it says succedded in obtaining my ip adress but failed the internet connection test just because i got of a dns error i dont know what to do ive tried to change it dont work ive tried everyhting have you got an idea
  • The people that sell you your internet access will be able to tell you what your DNS Addresses are.
  • Could It Be Because I Ant Got The Bridge Yet
  • Hi I Just Found Out Lol My Wireless Lan Is A Wireless Bridge I Called My Server They Told Me To Get A Router What Has A Cable Network And A Wireless Network Adapter Could You Plz Send Me The Link To A Go Router With That Description Within 30 To 50 Pound And Then Ill Be Able To Get Online And Show The Link On Here So I Can Go Straight On It Plz
  • Hi, im having a problem with my Play Station 3. It use to work online bout half a year ago. but now when i try at home it dosent let me online when i go to network config it says when i test.

    Obtain IP adress Succeeded
    Internet Connection Failed
    playstation@network -
    UPnP -
    HAT Type -

    An error occurred durring the communication with the server. This is a DNS error.

    How do i get this right? ive tryed all diffrent ways for ages! please help me. i wanna play COD lol
  • will you help me plz with my problem
  • Jordan, have a browse around some sites you know of for your region that sell computer items like routers- just about any brand should do you (though I'm partial to D-Link).
  • Ive Looked But I Dont Wont To Buy One Then Find Out It Dont Work So Im Goin Pc World Soon Ill Ask Them And Then Hopefully Should Get Online