Films for 2009
  • With the new year only days away, what Films of 2009 are you looking forward to?

    I'm pretty excited about the new Star Trek movie, not the internet one that's going around (pretty duff, but only for die hard trekkies), but the re-imaged JJ Abrams. The Trailers that have been around with the 20min preview are cutting edge & glad there not telling the same James T. Kirk, but Chris Pike point of view. This should be a great follow up to Cloverfield

    Friday 13th - released on Feb 13th (friday) another reimaged franchise, with being a massive fan of the past films (even Jason X!!) I hope that it's not another Rob Zombie Crappola that he did with Halloween (and he's doin H2 this year) or even Hills have eyes abortion. Jason Voorhees looks evil as hell in this one.

    Sherlock Holmes - Guy Ritchies crime drama, hope it follows his genre of gangsters, molls, money & murder!!!!

    My Bloody Valentine 3D - enough said! (there also doing a Final Destination 3D!!!)

    Avatar - James Cameron's comeback movie after Titanic (1997) Shot in Digital IMAX 3D this future alien adventure is a long time in the making (released Dec 2009) lets hope he wraps this one up as Battle Angel Alita is a long time coming (*cough cough* where's AKIRA?)

    And of course, although it's not confirmed yet, SAW 6!!! (only 2 more movies and the franchise is sealed!)

    One film I'll not be seeing is Dragonball Evolution (shades of Double Dragon & Street Fighter anyone??)
  • not sure when these come out or if they are out already but mine are as follows

    Fraiday 13th (i agree Chris, i am a big fan of the originals - even Freddie vs Jason!!)

    Mum and Dad - Brit horror, sounds really gross, my kind of film

    The spirit - I loved Sin City so this could be awesome

    The Watchmen - looks and sounds amazing, have never read the comics but from what i have heard could be great.
  • i cant wait to see sex drive and the sprit i am a huge fan of this film
  • Xmen origins: wolvering looks like it will be awesome. I also want to see seven pounds with will smith.
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine....natch!

    The Watchmen (although I'm not a huge DC fan, it looks great.)

    The Spirit - I've got a #1 (Will Eisner's) just waiting to go up in value... Not that I would ever part with it.

    Is there a theme going on here?:rolleyes:

    Last but not least... Star Trek - Yeah, I can handle another Star Trek movie.
  • Xmen origins --- hugh jackman woof!!!!

    Harry Potter later in the summer
  • Personally, I want to see XMEN Origins: Wolverine because that one looks cool.

    And then also The Watchmen. I'm a big fan of Alan Moore's comics, but I'm not quite sure whether or not how much I'll like it. V for Vendetta was disappointing so hopefully The Watchmen doesn't repeat the same mistake.
  • Hugh Jackman looks jacked in the preview I saw.