• we can no longer access the "screen" in the batcave for entering cheat codes, buying extras and buying characters. The screen does not change or do anything. Thanks for any help you can render us!!
  • The bit of data on the disc with this may not be getting read properly. Check the disc for any smudges/ fingerprints and give it a wipe using a soft cloth, going from the center to the edge.
  • I havn't been been getting help for this game in a while for some reason:( ?:(
    Me & my cousin are both stuck on the part in "Wayne Manor" we have about 990,000 studs and we can't figure out how to get the last purple stud:confused:

    When you go into the first computer game on the part with all the orange blocks moving up and down, one of the brown blocks are unbreakable!!!:confused: !!! hitting it from under it doesn't work like with all the other ones???
  • Have you tried hitting it with something else (say, sonic blast)? Maybe that brick is acting like one of another color.
  • I don't think so but I've tried alot of things like the batarang & Demolition bombs. like some other brown bricks only certain characters can destroy them. But with this one I've tried every character it gave me but i still can't destroy it but I will try sonic blast

  • No the sonic blast didn't work, but thanks anyway... I figured out what does work, for some reason only catwoman can destroy it! Thanks for you help.