DNS Error: 80710102
  • Hey people.

    I desperately need help with connecting internet to my ps3. I have a 10ft. long ethernet cable that goes from my ps3 to the back of my cable modem. Modem type: ARRIS. Model: TM502G. My problem is that when I try to get connected to the internet with my ps3, it says: :ip address: Succeeded. Internet Connection: Failed.

    "Problem communicating with server: 80710102.
    DNS ERR0R.

    This is what I put for the Internet Connection Settings:

    Internet Connection: Enabled.
    Connection Method: Wired.
    Speed and Duplex: Auto-Detect.
    Address Settings: Manual

    Then I put in all the correct numbers that belong in each connection.
    (ip address, sub. mask, default router, primary and secondary DNS)

    MTU: Automatic
    Proxy Server: Do Not Use
    UPnP: Enabled

    I think this all correct, but im not sure if i put the correct numbers in for the
    Default router and primary and secondary DNS.

    I got all the information directly from my computer, but i dont know if i were suppose to put in the same #s that i put for ip address and to Default router.
    Also, for Primary and Secondary DNS, am i suppose to put the same numbers for both primary and secondary or are they suppose to be different?
    My computer says: DNS servers: (then they give me some # and i put those numbers in for primary and secondary) It also has DHCP Servers. Am i suppose to use that too.?

  • Welcome, fresh- looks like you found the right spot soon after messaging me about where to go. B)

    IP Address should be one that you want the PS3 to use- this would be somewhere in the range your router assigns. You may want to leave this set to Automatic and let the router assign the address.

    The default router IP would be the IP address you use to get into your router settings (should be if memory serves with Linksys routers). As for the DNS addresses, you can get those from the router itself- these would be in the Summary page. Match up the primary and Secondary servers with what the router says and you should be ok.

    You may also need to do some port forwarding to get things going smoothly. You should find the ports needed in one of the recent threads in this section along with a link to a site that gives the how-to for entering them in.
  • ok the error i get is 80710102 an error accoured during the communication with the server this is a dns error.
    i entered all the information i got from my ipconfig in my command promt
    how would i get a router ip if i dont have acccess to it
    under my info is says ip (router enabled no) what does this mean?
    and my provider is korean and speaks no english so i cant use the tech support...
    I hate not having access.
  • You will need to leave default router blank as you are not using one. As for the IP address, you will likely need to leave this as Automatic so that the system will use the one assigned by the internet provider.

    The DNS addresses you likely found were correct. i would suggest unplugging the power from the modem for a minute then plug it back in again. When switching the modem between machines you need to turn off its power to free up the IP address given at the time..
  • Ok. I went to my ipconfig in my command promt and their is a whole bunch of info. You said something about default ip router, but in mine is not enabled. So I guess I would have to leave this blank. (as in right? Also, where can I find the Summary page? Im not sure what that is.
  • Hey Lyndon. I just now tried to put the Default router blank, as in ( but it said that its not valid. Also, I tried putting the IP Address set to automatic, but then when i test connection the IP Address Fails. =/ And when I put it in myself it succeeds, but not the internet connection. I still don't know where the "Summary Page" is that you're talking about so I havn't changed my primary and secondary numbers yet.
  • Ignore some of what i had put above, fresh- for some reason i was thinking you had a router in place at home.

    Completely re-do your internet connection using Automatic- being directly connected to the modem, it should get all the info directly from your internet provider. The only thing to remember to do is un plug the power from the modem when switching it between the computer and PS3.
  • hey im new at this, i tried to get my ps3 online i've runned a 14 ft cord from a D-link not a wireless one it says i get the ip address a success but still internet failed then it said dns error n bunch of #'s. So then i just tried running it straight from my modem to the ps3 n then it gives me nothing not even a ip address. i have no idea what i could do any idea's?
  • Some of the tips I gave in other threads regarding adding in information to the PS3's settings manually will help you out, Gino, along with the port forwarding.
  • sorry what do u mean by port fowarding. whenever i go to my connection status it gives me all the numbers for the ip n stuff but their different from my comps ip then it says NAT type failed do u know what that means. sorry for asking so many questions i just want to get this to work.
  • Port forwarding is telling the router to let traffic through these particular spots in the router's protection. I've listed the ports needed as well as a link to a page that tells how to do port forwarding with just about every router made in the pinned thread at the top of this section.
  • Greetings,
    I also have this problem but i'll start from the beginning. i've had my 60g ps3 for almost 2 yrs before i tried to get online. I finally got Charter(cable) about a month ago and my initial efforts resulted in dns error 80710102. After contacting Sony, the tech had me disable the media server connection. I tested the connection and connected immediately! I've been playing online with no problem for about a month. Then I get the bright idea to try the ethernet port on the cable/phone modem in my living room. I brought the ps3 to it, tried to connect to no avail. Fine. I returned to my bedroom to reconnect and now it won't work. (same error). I have been back and forth with Sony and my isp but no luck. I am just running the ethernet to the ps3. No router or anything that could interfere. My isp says they do not block any ports. I am at a loss and am really in need of a madden "fix". Withdrawal is setting in and I don't know how long i can last. Please help.
  • Have you tried the simple solution of powering down the modem for about 30 seconds and then plug it in again to free up the IP your ISP gives?
  • I have tried power cycling everything. Also after that reconnecting ethernet and coaxial in different orders. I tried to input everything manually. I tried the & dns numbers i see people recommend. I have been at this for 3 days now. I spoke with perhaps an "advanced tech" at sony who seemed to think my modem was ok, but the ip address i was getting was not allowing access to the "higher value" ports. I'm not real good with this stuff so all these terms are gibberish to me. Do you think adding a router could help? Then maybe i could access those ports. I really feel like Sony should communicate better with some of the larger isp's because i'm seeing problem's like this all over the net with no clear cut solution. They can't even really tell me much about this error.
  • Yes, a router would definitely help as it could handle all of the translating with the ISP and you could set up an IP address just for the PS3. You would also be able to take care of the port forwarding.
  • well in my case i use wireless basically feeding off the linkys internet source in my neighborhood area and now its say dns error 807blah blah blah erytime i try to sign in and i dont know what to do ?
  • Flyboy, you'll need to find out from whoever is running the wireless what the correct DNS servers are then add those to your PS3's connection settings.
  • You should try leaving everything on automatic. except the dns for that use and