GTA 4 ONLINE problem
  • hi, ive been playing GTA 4 online and im having a few problems;
    1.when a game starts it says Starting Game and it stays there forever until i quit the game and start again.
    2.when my friend invites me it says this game session does not exist, but it does, so when i invite him it says the same with him, why does this happen.
    3.sometimes it says lost connection to one or more players.
    PLZ PLZ PLZ help me with this problem, it does not occur with any other game.
  • It's a problem with your connection. Make sure all the PSN Traffic Ports are open, that's where your problem may lie.
  • there open Rob- any other ideas
  • i get this problem the one with lost connection with one or more players,i cant see why that should make a difference unless the host quits.
  • I have the same problem as prince (problem number 2)
    That same error also occurs on my PS3 when i try to go in a game i was invited to.
    Nobody's got an answer?
  • same thing was happening to me up on till yesterday and no iits fine i just open alot of ports and it works perfect nw :p and my connection is a hell of alot better so i think its just to do wit having a low connection :o
  • i want to play it because i like it
  • Hi I also kept getting kicked from the PSN server I couldnt figure out why because i had been playing on it completely fine untill a week ago so i tried to figure out what was different the only thing that i had changed was my Networking cable i didnt think it would have made any difference but it does
    Make sure all the cables used in your Network Are CAT 5 or higher it should be written on the cable if not You should replace them :o
  • its same thing with me