carrying over the weapons after you have beaten the game
  • Ok... i know this is a stupid question been asked a million times but here is my problem.. to carry over the weapons and the rail gun etc after you have beaten the game, it says create a cleared game save file .... i read another post and someone recoomended saving over the cleared game save file. needless to say it did not work and i have to beat it all over again and lost everything... very aggravating.

    now here is what i need when i save the game after my convo with big boss/eye patch wearing dude. do i have to wtch all the credits and then go to the main screen to start a new game and my stuff will come back.. im sorry I just dont get it . help.
  • Me too!!! What does "A Cleared Saved Game File" mean? How come no one has posted a reply? It has been half a year!
  • ok you make a new game just dont play it then go and load the file that you just beat the game with and whenever you save save it to the new file.

    Note: you get all you items when you meet up with the MK 2

    Hope this helps :D
  • ok you dont have to start a new game just load the file but it is better to have a new save if you r trying to get the special bandana or the stealth armor :D