GTA4 - A Revenger's Tragedy mission help
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    After receiving Jacob's call, get yourself a car to drive to Alderney. Trail an SUV until you reach the raised highway. Once you get to the beach, a scene will play.

    Then, you have to defeat a series of enemies in your effort to enter the abandoned warehouse. Make sure to take out the guys on the roof first, then you can snipe at all the others. As you head on to the doorway, you have to kill all those that gets in your way. You will also find a medkit in the area, so make sure to grab it. Then, as you proceed to the next room, more enemies are in tow and you will trigger another scene. This time around, it has Jimmy and Dimitri.

    Climb up the stairs while you continue to fire at the enemies; however, rather than jumping from the building, you must go right and to the roof. If you want, you can even ignore the enemies as long as you run up safely and be able to trigger another scene.

    Next scene, you will be in the water. You have to swim to the boat and get in. then, chase down Dimitri in the boat. You must not jump however, instead follow the chopper while dodging the rockets at the same time. You must restrain from moving too much as it puts you into more risk of getting hit.

    After a while, Jacob's chopper will be involved in the chase. You might notice a target marker under the chopper as it gets low to the water. This means you have to get into the chopper, and to do this you simply tap the run button. Now that you have control over the chopper, you must gain altitude and go after the other chopper. Then, chase him over the buildings in the city. By maintaining a higher altitude than him, it makes it harder for his rockets to get you. As you make your way back to Algonquin, you two will crash and land on the statue island.

    Finish off the first couple of enemies you spot, then trail down Dimitri. After shooting him, you will trigger a cutscene.

    If you have any questions about this mission, please ask them below.

  • I cant catch the jacobs helicopter
    How do i get under it?
  • i cant catch up to the chopper...can anyone help
  • what do you mean by "tap the run button"? which button would that be?
  • the X button is to make Niko sprint/ run. tap that one to speed him up and catch the chopper.
  • i still cant catch the jacobs helicopter:(
  • i still don't no what you mean do you mean keep tapping it or just tap it once