Street Fighter Alpha
  • just bought street fighter alpha the warrior's dream on the psn, but not sure how 2 unlock the hidden characters, could u tell me how 2 unlock them, which characters and how many hidden characters there are, i would really appreciate the help, thanx.
  • To unlock normally:

    Akuma: Set the difficulty to five or higher, then play with anyone except Akuma. Defeat the first seven characters without continuing and have at least 10 super combo finishes

    Dan: Set the difficulty to six or higher, then challenge him by using the same winning quote five times in a row, or by holding Up + L2 + R2 after defeating the 5th character.

    M.Bison: Beat the game on level 8 with any character that has M. Bison as their final boss.
  • thanx 4 the info, really appreciate it, but if u don't mind i have a few more questions, which characters have Bison as their final boss, thought that Ryu was one of them but occasionally i get Sagat as the final boss, so would like 2 know which characters have bison or akuma as final boss, also what bonus game modes are there i've unlocked Team Mode but got the feeling there's another mode, appreciate the help.