Star Wars Lego PS2 - Unlocking Level 4
  • My young son and I are playing the above PS2 game. We are stuck in Level 4 - we are on Dagobah and the players are Luke and R2D2. Yoda is there and if you press triangle he jumps on Lukes back. We cannot work out how to complete the mission to move on to Level 5. If anyone has some pointers I would really appreciate it.

    Many thanks,

  • After you have destroyed as many flowers as you can with the light saber have Yoda jump on and use the force on the remaining few. Then, use the force on the piles of blocks below the flowers. This will form a bridge to move onward. Smash the locks on the brown hatch to get the "1 of 3" indicator.

    Over on the other side of the bridge again open up the brown hatch for prompt '2 of 3'. Destroy the tall reeds with your lightsaber. Fight off the serpents that get too close. Jump or hover across the buttons as they appear whenever you trigger the previous one. On the far strip of land, open up the brown hatch for '3 of 3', revealing a Minikit Canister over to the right. Go back and get Yoda if you lost him, and return to this strip of land. At the back, use the Force on the lower mushroom, then wait a brief moment and use the Force on the taller mushroom. Immediately then switch to R2-D2, hover onto the first mushroom, and when it rises hover to the second mushroom, then to the platform with the Astromech Droid Lock when the second mushroom returns to its full height. The sequence of events can be tricky to time right, just keep trying and you'll get it. ;) Use the Droid Lock to open the gate and head inside.
  • Wow - complicated. Very cool response. We will give it a try. Many thanks.

    Noon and Andrew
  • Many thanks - it worked.